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Martinibar -
  I agree wholeheartedly!! When I visited, there were UG's coming into the LS student lounge to buy drinks. The LS students there told them to leave, and the UG's told them to F off!! I would have killed those little sons of .......

Sea - I ended up with 12K a year (damned LSAT)

To all -
   This is my personal experience, so take all this with a grain of salt, as I firmly believe that no deecision is correct for more than that person..That being said....

I went to both schools, and many things at McGeorge caught my attention that were not present at SCU
1) Atmosphere - much more collegial than SCU. SCU seemed like everyone was at each others throats. McG seemed like a very friendly place, somewhere wher I would not mind spending three years of my life. SCU seemed a bit on edge for me.
2) City - I HATE San Jose / Santa Clara. Too many people, too dirty. I like the Sac area, at least the northern suburb where I will live (Roseville), even though McG is in the Ghetto (nice facilities, though)
3) Administration - I was offered a Dean's scholarship at McG, and nothing at SCU. I was also offered good $$ at Denver, so I talked to a person in the admissions office at SCU about trying to get a competitive scholarship. IN ONE EMAIL RESPONSE, he said both that he had taken the subject to the committee, AND that they said no...ALL 20 minutes after our first contact. I don't know if he thinks I'm stupid or what, but that just pissed me off.
I did the same thing talking to Dean Barrett at McGeorge, and he got me 6K more over three years.
4)Ranking Trend (I'm a minor rankings whore) - McG is going up FAST, and I have it from an inside source that they were VERY suprised they didn't get into Tier 2 this year. (If you look at the numbers, I think there were 2-3 schools in T2 that they should have beat.) They are on the rise, with great new faculty and a HELLUVA new dean (ex-CIA and NSA general counsel!!) Look for mid 90's next year.
5) Other factors - My wife rtunities in and daughter have better oppothe Sac area, and I really don't want to send my little one to an inner city school.

Even with all of this in McG's favor, I had a VERY difficult decision. I have a BS and am finishing an MS in microbiology, and am interested in bioteh patent prosecution / litigation. SCU's reputation in patent law ALONE was almost enough to go there over all of the things McG has going for it. I think without the family, I would have attended SCU.

One other thing, and I think that this is VERY personal; McGeorge FELT right. I went to many different schools. Denver had the nicest facilities I have ever seen; Colorado has the rank; SCU has the IP program;McGeorge just was the "right" place for me.

Hope this all helps.

I second what Martinibar said..I was at that LSD, and it was great. Made me choose it over Denver, Santa clara, Colorado.etc.....

If there are any questions, please ask away.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Admitted Law Students Day -- Impressions
« on: March 31, 2004, 01:42:00 PM »
Martinibar -
I was at the admitted students day on the 5th...were you there? Just trying to find out if I know anyone from that day that will be attending with me!!


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