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The assistant admissions dean "adam" is a real ass head.

And why do you say that? Dean Barrett has been as helpful as could be to me. He agreed to meet me on short notice to discuss my thoughts on the school at a time that was VERY inconvenient for him (the morning of a admitted students day), and even helped me get 6K more in grants over 6 semesters. He got me in touch with people in charge of programs I am interested in, and has spent a great deal of time helping me with this process of deciding to attent there rather than a more highly ranked school.

I also believe that MartiniBar has stated good comments on him as well.
In the future, please refrain from calling someone an "ass head" without telling us why. It simply makes you look like an damn twit who is bitter.

HTH - idiot

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Am I making a mistake?
« on: April 23, 2004, 07:56:26 PM »
no, you're not nuts.  rankings aren't everything, and i think people get so hung up on them that they don't think about what the next few years will actually be like. for example, davis is in a pretty rural area, with a much different croud that san diego.  and lots of hippies that might not like you if you're military.  cal western has a loose affiliation with UCSD, by the way, and it is a new school, but i would like to mention that my friend's older sister graduated from Whittier law school (?) in california, and within 6 months was making $89k as a public defender in orange county.
i'm just saying don't go on rankings alone, that's all.  check out this site, too

There are different sides to this, and please realize that PLANS CHANGE!!! Get the degree that will open the most options for you (i.e. Davis)

BTW - Davis is not full of "hippies" it is a very conservative cow-town. I went to a nearby UG, and Davis is full of right-wing bad guys.

Depends on the school. I got some with the admin letter, some MUCH later

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: University of Colorado
« on: April 23, 2004, 05:36:57 PM »
waitlisted. *shrug*

Look at it this way, we are in the same boat, just that you have been told you are a waitlist, and I have been told to wait!! ;)

Also please remember that if you take a low-paying public service type gig, your school may pay off some or all of your loans!! Check into the schools to look at these programs before making your choice, it'll help a BUNCH! ;)

That's too bad.  A 177 would have opened up many doors.  What prompted you to go from bio to law?

I HATE benchwork. I love science and science theory, but the actual science is fairly bland and, in all honesty, I didn't go to school for a LONG time to get paid 30-40K out of school with a Ph.D. Instead I will have a M.S., graduate with my J.D. in the same amount of time a Ph.D. would have taken, and make 100-135K out of, I will enjoy my work more than with a Ph.D. ;D

I did what I could in the application to highlight my graduate work.  I also regret taking the LSAT while I was in France...the accomodations were sub par, and there were definitely communication difficulties with the moderator...

Yeah, the LSAT killed me too. I shot myself in the foot. I am a molecular biologist and killed my self on the GAMES section byt missing 11!!(where I had not missed a question in the previous four practices!!) If my games would have held true, I should have scored a 177....DAMMIT!! ;)

Thanks.  I'm really biting my nails.  If only they would consider graduate gpa...I might not be so borderline.

I hear you. i have a 3.2 UG, but a 3.7 grad. I think if they would have looked at that I may have been a better candidate at Boalt. 8)

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: University of Colorado
« on: April 23, 2004, 02:10:17 PM »
i actually just called them, and they said my decision was mailed on the 19th. so it should get to me today or tomorrow...

Looks like I'll be waiting until May. I live 80 miles from campus, so if my letter would have come out on the 19th, I would have had it by the 21st at the latest.... ::)

I'm still waiting on McGeorge.  The sooner you let them know the better for all of us still waiting.  Good luck in Eugene!  It's really a beautiful place and and excellent school. 

good luck, frontier!!

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