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Please provide evidence.

Ask Americans now who would have done a better job as president, Bush or Gore.  I think they would disagree that Bush was better prepared for the job.

Oh wait, they already did... when Gore won the popular vote.


Only an idiot looks at Al Gore and thinks "Man, things would be so much better."
Here's how things would look:
-we'd have a 'lockbox'
-he'd have pushed for green initiatives and killed the free market
-he'd have ignored Iraq, Iran, and Al Qaeda and apologized to them for forcing them to attack us
-the economy would be in the tank within 2 years of him taking office
-he would have been overwhelmingly beaten in 2004 by John McCain

NO ONE but SUCKERS think that Gore was any more/better prepared to lead than Bush.  Quit living in the past - your guy has PLENTY of issues to deal with before he comes even remotely close to the white house.  Unless you folks ignore them, that is.

You know:
-his total lack of experience
-his complete lack of knowledge of constitutional law
-his belief that there are 57 (or was it 58) states
-his utter lack of credibility (he tells us to make a difference and lift up our brothers, while his actual brothers live in squalor)
-his ties to old school, dirty chicago politics
-his ties to convicted felons
-his ties to terrorists (Bill Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist who started Obama's political career)
-his lack of foreign policy knowledge
-his past as a 'community organizer' who didn't make even the slightest difference in his community
-his lying about his birth being tied to the Selma protests, which took place 7 years after he was born
-his lack of understanding of how the world actually works
-his inability to take a position, then stick to it when the polls change
-his desire to turn the US into Europe
-his desire to thrust race into the debate by behaving like a racist
-his inability to retain his core voters
-his total disregard for what is right when the polls tell him otherwise
-his inability to demonstrate any speaking abilities when teleprompters aren't available and working properly

Other than that, you know, he's ideal.  Or you could always vote for someone who can actually lead our country forward instead of turning back the clock to the great depression.  Try to remember - when you graduate law school, you will be paying far more in taxes than your parents ever did because Obama is targeting YOU for tax hikes.

And now that he's chosen Biden to be his VP, he's all but cooked.

Biden once said that Obama was 'unqualified' to be President.  He also was the loudmouthed moron who said that Obama was 'articulate'.

Obama is a joke now, and the gloves are coming off soon.

By the way, according to expectations Obama should be up by a two digit lead.  Isn't it insane that according to most polls, he's within the margin of error and in some, he's losing?  I thought he COULDN'T lose!

Crazy.  This reminds me of Kerry in 04 - libs couldn't understand how Bush could possibly have won!

If it was an absolute tie with you and another candidate they may go with the finance/econ person over you, but I doubt it would preclude you from getting into securities.  Take electives in law school in Securities law.  Also, my school offered finance for lawyers and accounting for lawyers which would help when such doubts are raised in an interview.

Sure, rolling basis but most schools won't start looking at the apps until Spring.  I thought the way you do too,just see!

I agree.  I applied early to all schools and they didn't even start reviewing until January.  With the exception of some early action schools, submitting this early is way overrated.

If you want to work for the firm, this is your chance to do it.  If you can impress someone there it can be a back door to the interview, especially if your numbers/credentials are close.

When was McCain president?  My point is that no one has relevant experience.  Being President is so different than any other job that no one can be fully prepared.  Let's just try not to pick a f-in retard this time, huh, America?

Law School Admissions / Re: Best Law School Campus...
« on: August 19, 2008, 02:15:26 PM »
UGA, FSU, disagree about Emory.  Boston College; Harvard is nice; Texas. 

With NYC's cost of living, I would say you would get the same or more disposable income in Philly.

This is exactly correct.  The market is tough out there.  I am Top 10% from a 40s T1 school and I'm having a difficult time.  For me, complications occur because I have SA and pre-LS experience in real estate which is completely in the toilet right now and also because I moved to a different city than my law school.

I had an interview the other day (cross your fingers) for which the hiring attorney received over 100 resumes in response to the ad.  I had an interview with the public defenders office for an "entry level" ADA position, but the job ended up going to a 5 yr experienced defense attorney who had to close his solo firm because of the financial problems.

The OPs post is right on.  I've been able to make some head way recently through networking but its tough out there.  One lesson is that 0Ls should know about this right now.  I would not dissuade someone from attending law school if they think they want a career in law, but realize that the path to riches is more myth than reality.

Also surprising, its difficult to get a paralegal or non-legal job because everyone else thinks I will bolt once I pass the bar.  I guess the myth of lawyer riches persists among outsiders as well.

Now, I'm sure we will all be doing fine five years from now.  But think about taking out $160k in loans and having a difficult time finding a job for a year.  Its a reality you should acknowledge right now.

Job Search / Re: How to find biglaw job? (No OCI interviews)
« on: August 19, 2008, 01:42:29 PM »
I agree with Jacy.  Send out some packages to target BIGLAW firms, and some to mid-sized and small firms and/or govt.  You also should start networking.  Networking is likely your only possible way into BIGLAW at this point and its probably the best way to get any job.

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