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Current Law Students / Re: Grading Curves and Academic Dismissal
« on: May 06, 2007, 07:37:19 AM »
I went to a T4 last year, where 30 out of 200 students were academically dismissed.  The curve made it that way.  I knew people who genuinely tried to do well and failed.  I've since transferred to a T1 and it is IMPOSSIBLE to fail.  They do not give Fs.  I think the T4/T1 distinction in untrue in many areas you will read about on this board, but unfortunately I believe it is true in this respect.

I go to a T1 and know of at least one 3L who failed one class two times, so it's not impossible to fail everywhere. I know of other people who got D's as well.

Current Law Students / Re: A Summer Associate's shopping list
« on: May 02, 2007, 04:28:31 PM »
Even though you don't want to, it still seems like the best idea to get there and see what you need. Even an all-business atmosphere may still be more casual for women than for men, so I wouldn't go all out now and buy stuff. You may be able to slide by with dressy slacks and a dress shirt instead of having to wear a full suit everyday.

Have you gotten your LSAC transcript yet? From what I understand, every class you took prior to being conferred your BA should count toward your LSAC GPA, so you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your GPA is higher than a 2.97.

I don't really know much about many of those schools, but I'd say you're a lock at FSU because you have a high LSAT. I think GMU has a fairly high median LSAT and since it's a state school I'm not sure you'll really have a good shot there with your GPA. That said, we can't really get any idea for sure until LSAC calculates your GPA.

Current Law Students / Re: Let's Talk About Moot Court
« on: April 21, 2007, 06:26:25 AM »
From what I understand, it really isn't going to help unless you're on the school team. At my school, anyone can sign up, so it's not like there is any level of prestige by signing up to take a class. Not many people make the school team though, so once you make it to that point, it's time to put it on the resume.

Job Search / Re: Do Law Firms Drug Test?
« on: April 17, 2007, 07:07:18 AM »
Drug testing does not make economic sense - that's why only the government does it.

All of the larger companies I worked for required it, but my government positions didn't.

Transferring / Re: transferring as a 3L?
« on: April 17, 2007, 04:25:35 AM »
No, most schools only allow you to transfer after 1L.  Visiting won't really help you other than to maybe make some connections, since your diploma will still come from your old school. 

I forget which poster it is now, but someone on here transfered after 2L, and had to give up a year of school (entered new school as a rising 2L).  This person is at a T14 now I think, so they thought it was worth it for them.

From what I recall, that person's parents were also paying. For the average student who is taking out loans, I'd say it definitely is not worth it. If you really want academia, it's just as much a matter of what you do after graduate as the school you went to. You've pretty much got to be a rising star/superstar to be desirable to most law schools.

Job Search / Re: State judge internship v. Small firm job
« on: April 13, 2007, 04:54:03 AM »
What else you got going on this summer? Maybe you can do both. Judges don't always need a full time clerk, and small firms don't either. The mix might be nice.

I'd give this option a whirl. I think it will be helpful to work for a judge if you're interested in doing a clerkship, since you'll get to see if it's really for you and get a good reference in the process. In addition, you'll get to make some money and experience life at a small firm.

Current Law Students / Re: JD/MBA
« on: April 11, 2007, 08:10:08 PM »
Do you have to take summer classes for the accelerated program? if so that really sucks, especially in terms of summer jobs.

That is probably going to be a huge detriment/disadvantage if the JD/MBA doesn't give you 2 full summers to work. Even if it's just 1L summer, it's important to get some experience, paid or unpaid. In addition, jobs start out with the same starting pay regardless and if the JD/MBA program is "accelerated" in that you have to pay for 2 summer sessions, you're going to be starting off with more loans than most.

Current Law Students / Re: Study Abroad
« on: April 05, 2007, 11:43:03 AM »
You can start applying August 1, from what I understand. Lots of schools have OCI start in August so firms will be interviewing before you leave. I think it's key to apply as early as you can.

Current Law Students / Re: Study Abroad
« on: April 05, 2007, 05:09:47 AM »
I know that a few students at my school have done it, so it's definitely not out of the question. When do you have to leave to be over there? If it's a little later than normal, you may be able to interview before school starts.

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