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Golden Gate / Re: Going to Golden Gate
« on: August 29, 2006, 11:19:33 PM »
if you're not joking, i would suggest another career path. Golden Gate will prepare you well for a career as mcdonalds assistant manager, but not much else. HTH.

A note to GGUblows

I am a 1L at GGU who chose this school over some highly ranked Bay Area law schools. Bound for McDonalds you say? I am not. I am also not bound for the corporate whoring that would be more accessible had I attended your institution. That is also not my goal.

I CHOSE Golden Gate for one reason in particular… Golden Gate is paying for it. All of it. While, I will admit it was not an easy decision to make, it fits my goals and my financial needs. I have no silver spoon (and I am not presuming that all the arrogant characters here do, or that having one necessarily implies an attitude like yours). I worked to get here (no one name dropped so that I would be accepted to Boalt) and I want to use my JD to help other worthy people reach this goal.

If I were in the process of acquiring a ton of debt, my goals wouldn’t be attainable. I would be stuck being your colleague in  large firm, working 80 plus hours a week and making the equivalent of $5 per hour. McDonalds starting to sound more appealing?

I agree that a name means a lot is this profession of egos, but any educational experience is what you make of it. My education, as well as yours, is a privilege. Don’t get lost in your arrogance and forget that. While a career in law is different that McDonalds, you will still be serving the public. My inclination is that your arrogance may limit your ability to do that.

Good luck!

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