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Has anyone been able to get more financial  aid money from UT after submitting their seat deposits?

I did. I was offered a scholarship after paying the seat deposit. I don't know if that's what you mean by fin. aid.

An increase in scholarship or a scholarship where you didn't have one previously?

Has anyone been able to get more financial  aid money from UT after submitting their seat deposits?

I got a letter with a new financial aid offer last Wed. which would have effectively lowered my fin aid award.  Called them and had it corrected, but was shot down for more money.  >:(

I'm assuming, based on your profile name, that you are Russian. Am I correct? Also, are you sweet?

1. yes
2. my disposition changes with the weather, but usually, I am.  ;D


Congrats J!!!  As a fellow screwed-by-no-US-cosingner foreigner, I'm glad things worked out for you!

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Northwestern c/o 2010
« on: May 05, 2007, 05:00:36 PM »
Sladkaya - agree about the student body, and glad to hear that it wasn't just a show for DANL :D

Yeah, my visit was definitely proof that it's not all for show - if everyone was that cool and friendly during exams, I can't imagine how they are early in the semester!


Sorry to see you go Sladkaya, but glad things seem to be working out!

Thanks Storm!  I'm a little sad myself, for a long time I was sure I'd go to UT, but they did everything they could to get me not to go, from the financial aid and loans perspective.  It worked out for the best in the end - my husband and I are super excited about moving to Chicago.

Yay for Chicago.

I think NW is the right call. The difference in cost is negligible from a LT perspective...but remember to think about a 1L summer internship at a law firm that could help pay for the rest of school. I hear you can get them at NW without too much difficulty, but not so at UT. That's an extra $20K or more, depending on what you'd have to do instead.

When would you move? I am moving at the end of July.

Thanks man! Planning for end of July as well - have to get the house ready to sell first.  Luckily the market in our neighborhood is great, so it should sell quickly and get us some cash for the move and the first year.

What happened with Vanderbilt, sladkaya?

Hi flyaway! Various law professors and attorneys at work talked me out of it. Partially because Vandy's just starting to grow the program I'm interested in, partially because I'd have to move twice in 3 years if I go to Vanderbilt, and will have the option not to if I go to NU or UT, partially because everyone I spoke seemed to think it would not compete favorably with UT and NU for either Chicago or Texas jobs. I'm still a little sad, but it made sense to withdraw.

First of all, I thought this thing was dead. Second of all, yes, it looks like you have. Third of all, the system says Northwestern. Fourth of all, sell all of your short-sleeved clothing.

judging by how quickly you replied, it was only mostly dead.

And I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt in Chicago right now, so I'll pack enough to last 2-3 months.

Updated once all school visits are over and I've narrowed the list to two: UT vs. Northwestern

1. location - UT - 4
2. cost - UT by a nose (tuition similar, cost of living only slightly lower for UT because salaries are higher in Chicago for hubby's field) - 5
3. rank - Northwestern - 1
4. job - Northwestern - 2
5. personality fit - Northwestern - 3
6. Northwestern.

Looks like i've decided, huh?

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