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Now that I've decided, I'd love a kitten pic!

Corporate Litigation, most likely, or Tax

Law School Applications / Re: Univ. of Texas check in...
« on: June 28, 2007, 01:35:52 PM »
In off of the UT waitlist today...why couldn't this have been a month earlier?  ???

Cool, the day after letter of intent was due - that's pretty fast actually, they told you as soon as they knew they had a spot for you, congratulations!  Is it too late?  Have you signed a lease elsewhere already?

/by the way, sounds like the waitlist is moving!  Anyone else heard?

Where should I go next fall? / Re: 2nd Best School in Texas
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:19:43 AM »
Disclaimer: all of this is based on my personal impressions of each school and conversations with recent grads and attorneys in Austin/Dallas/Houston.  I'm not claiming this to be gospel.

UofH has no trouble placing its grads in Houston, which is the biggest legal market in Texas.  If you don't mind settling in Houston and can reasonably expect you'll place in the top half of you class, go to UH.  SMU may help you make more connections, just based on their average demographic, but unless you get a good scholarship, the cost is very high.

Baylor is expensive and so rigorous that it's hard to do well unless you study around the clock (problematic when you have a family).  Plus, it's harder to get the same job from Baylor as a similarly ranked UH/SMU grad, due to smaller alumni network.  Shoot, a big-time partner at one of the firms I work with is a Baylor grad and the firm still doesn't recruit at Baylor!  And it gets 3-5 ppl/year each from UH and SMU, for what that's worth.

Texas Tech is a decent school, but the location and small alumni network makes it difficult for them to place grads on par with schools mentioned above.  

Just study very hard for the LSAT, read through all of the advice on the LSAT board, do at least 20 practice tests (recent, of course) and get the highest score you can.  Don't make the school selection process or personal statement topics, etc. keep your mind off what's important now.  Take the test, then do all the other things while you wait for your score.

Law School Applications / Re: Univ. of Texas check in...
« on: June 26, 2007, 11:09:17 PM »
Bringing this thread back from the dead.  UT coughed up more money, and that, together with an awesome offer to work during law school from my current firm, was enough to convince me - I'm going to TEXAS !!!

Law School Applications / Re: Univ. of Texas check in...
« on: May 17, 2007, 02:43:57 PM »

Well, I'm sure your MBA, work experience, international status, super GPA, etc etc etc had a little something to do with off-setting your multiple lsats.....

It's possible.  I just wanted to show Ilovecheese that making overly broad assumptions re: someone's work ethic and intelligence based on the number of times they've taken the LSAT is a dangerous exercise, especially for a future lawyer.

Messing up the 1st time should teach a person his or her weaknesses and develop on that, if a person doesn't do well 2nd time around that just shows that he is a slacker or maybe lacks the native intelligence necessary to do great on the test.

Pretty heavy-handed with generalizations, aren't you?   :D

My 3rd score was 10 points higher than the first two, and none of my schools viewed it as a fluke.  Fortunately, law schools don't jump to conclusions as easily as you.

Ugh I am so fed up with the scholarship stuff at UT. Seriously it's like they are trying to make me feel like i'm' lucky to be even going to do their school when I've been accepted at higher ranked schools and offered  more money from them. UT is making me feel like i'm just a number. If it's going to be like that, maybe someone should really remind them that they are a number too, and currently, a low number at that compared to higher-ranked schools that are offering more money!! UGHHHH!!!

I know how you feel.  Totally.  But they are the Harvard of Texas  :D

I'm assuming, based on your profile name, that you are Russian. Am I correct? Also, are you sweet?

1. yes
2. my disposition changes with the weather, but usually, I am.  ;D


I was born in Russia but I don't consider myself Russian. Yet I can still understand much of the language. Congrats on your awesome acceptances. Why didn't you apply to Harvard, Yale, or Stanford?

Basically, because they don't offer scholarships :) 

I'm still a foreigner, so no Stafford loans, and I have no desire to carry $100K of debt on 12% APR private loans (nor will any lender in their right mind authorize that kind of credit line for me).

Congrats to you too on USD - great school and you couldn't do better on the location!


The latter.

Awesome, congrats!  same thing happened to someone else I know.

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