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Current Law Students / Re: Adderall-Law school finals/studying
« on: August 16, 2006, 05:54:15 PM »
Keep taking Adderall if it helps you and finds no diagreement with your mental balance. For palpable results you'd have to take it continuously over a period of time.

For tests as important as the LSAT and law school exams, it's far from cheating. In fact, you'd be cheating yourself not to. It's

a) not chemically or physically addictive

b) far more advanced than ritalin, speed, common cocaine, meth (I bet you didn't know that JP Sartre used to take an advanced form of dexedrine, Adderall's first cousin, to increase his cognitive agility when writing)

c)has no correlation towards anything life threatening or mind-altering ... you're not going to end up emptying catheter bags as a parolee, or see a plummetting trend in your life because of little adderall to channel sights. 

You know why SPEED wreaks havoc? Because it's made on the street and improperly. A real chemist in decent conditions makes it, it's going to have the legitimate effects minus the sideffects of the filler. Even the most contrian psychiatrist is going to tell you  that 25 mgs of Adderall is nothing like cocaine or methamphetamines. 

Don't let puritanical impositions dissuade you if you think the stuff increases your composure and confidence. You're using it to help you take tests, not to get a better high or a bigger ego. And if you start associating a drug with studious activity and exam prepartion, dear god, you are going to end up hopelessly addicted ... to high achievement. Who checked that box on their inpatient survey at the methadone clinic?

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