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Some people point out that there's a difference between being in law school and being a lawyer. I think that's fair. At minimum, it shows that lawyers do different stuff -- teach, practice, write, and judge -- and that law school doesn't necessarily prepare people all that completely for being a lawyer, if they go into practice.

If I was contemplating dropping out of law school (which I'm not), I suppose what would talk me out of it would be seeing that light at the end of the tunnel (not that one): someone who's doing something I wish I could end up doing, who happens to have a law degree. But, if I really wanted to drop out, I suppose I'd look for someone who's doing something I wish I could end up doing, who doesn't have a law degree. Or, even better, who dropped out of law school.

Actually, that's made me curious. A quick Google search finds me nothing comprehensive, but these interesting results:

Al Gore dropped out of law school.

Paul Simon dropped out of law school.

The writer/director of "Two Weeks Notice" and "Miss Congeniality" dropped out of law school.

"Adam dropped out of law school to follow his heart. He landed at the Teva Learning Center, a program in Western Connecticut that teaches the integration of Judaism, Ecology and Environmental Activism."

and, finally:

"Anne dropped out of law school, renounced all of her material goods and went to live with her parents at the nudist colony."

That last one -- I kid you not -- is from a law school exam hypothetical. I don't know if that makes it funnier or less funny.

Anyway, for anyone thinking about it: you probably shouldn't drop out of law school unless you've really got something better to do. All that money and time down the drain -- at least if you stick it out you get a degree that has some value. Just my two cents. I dunno.

Current Law Students / Re: I'm getting hard.
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During the second year you usually take Evidence which sucks big time! Also, I have heard at some schools you take Con Law -- which is also a pain -- in your second year, so all in all you're not going to be stress-free! Not to mention that you still have to deal with a s s h o l e classmates and professors!

You hit the nail on the head!

Strange thread!

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