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Are there pool tables in the union?
Indeed there are at least in the Union Underground. However, the Union isn't exactly convenient to the law school campus. It's quite a hike, and most of that hike is uphill.

U of Texas - Austin / Re: How into the whole UT thing are you?
« on: June 20, 2006, 06:46:04 PM »
yeah, if you can get tickets to the Red River game, you're a lucky S.O.B.
If you really want to secure them, you should just get student season tickets and opt for that option at that time. As I mentioned before, priority for tickets goes like this Seniors-> Grad Students-> Juniors-> Sophomores-> Freshmen, and generally there are enough available that most Sophomores get tickets.

Which leads me to an interesting phenomenon, the fact that this year there are two very well-hyped games on the schedule: tOSU in Austin, and OU in Dallas. You could very well order student season tickets and opt in for the OU ticket (for an additional $85) and be looking at a total bill of around $240 for all 6 home games plus OU. Since football is such a big deal here, you could very easily sell your ticket to either of these games and come very close to paying for the entire season; if you sold both you're probably get somewhere in the range or $300-$500 all told, and actually make a profit. I'm not advocating this, but I'm just throwing this out there for those who might otherwise scoff at buying tickets. However, a note of caution - last year they began to implement print-at-home tickets for students that had their name physically on those tickets. The system was abandoned halfway through due to technical difficulties, but if they work out the kinks I'd assume they would go that route again this year, making your tOSU ticket next to impossible to sell. The OU tickets, however, are not printed by the school, and anyone can use it, so it's always a good investment.

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I'll be buying tickets and going to all the games plus OU. I'm too big of a fan to take monetary considerations into account.

By that token, I guess that Tonyp and LitDoc are the only ones other than myself that I'm quite certain are men.

I'm a man, fwiw.

That was awesome Felsen.

Now joing the facebook group. It's not scary, I swear.

U of Texas - Austin / Re: How into the whole UT thing are you?
« on: June 20, 2006, 11:51:36 AM »
Also, with the exception of A&M, I have no idea what the rivalries are - which game would be the least contentious?
The least contentious game this coming season will undoubtedly be Sam Houston State - they are Div 1AA, and were added at the last minute when the NCAA decided to allow teams to schedule 12-game regular seasons every year. Also, it is the game with the lowest face value for tickets, although I would just attempt to scalp a ticket before the game, you won't even pa face value then.

As to our rivals, OU is the main football rivalry, but that game is played in Dallas every year rather than home and home. Texas Tech is kind of a rival, but not really. And the A&M rivalry has lost its luster in recent years with their football program mired in mediocrity; it's still a big deal to them, but most people in Austin could care less now.

U of Texas - Austin / Re: How into the whole UT thing are you?
« on: June 20, 2006, 11:46:46 AM »
You should get an email in the next few weeks from Texas Box Office about getting student season tickets. I say should, because I'm not overly confident in their ability to not screw this up, they are infamous for being inept shafting people on season tickets.

However, assuming you get the email, you will then be able to purchase a LASP (Longhorn All-Sports Pass - the LASP entitles you to tickets at any other UT sporting event, so you can go to any basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. game you want simply by having them swipe your ID) for about $75, and also have the option to get student season tickets for football - those cost an additional $75 or so. I'm not positive on the dollar figures, because they go up pretty much every single year, but it should be around $150 or so for the LASP and the season tickets for football. And you must purchase a LASP in order to be eligible for student season tickets. Additionally, you will also be able to request tickets for the OU game in Dallas, and any other away game. There is no guarantee that you'll receive any away tickets, but it puts you on the priority list for those games (priority being seniors, grad students, juniors, sophomores, freshmen). I can say with some certainty that we are pretty much guaranteed tickets to the OU game as grad students, but I'm not sure about the other away games. The only one I'd really be interested in going to is Nebraska, since I've always wanted to see a game at their Memorial stadium, but I doubt I'll be able to swing that during 1L.

Also of note is that in the past you have also been able to request a reserved guest ticket for all home football games, essentially entitling you to 2 season tickets. The only catch is that you must pay face value, which comes to around $350-$400 for all the home games. However, you could probably get that much back for a ticket to tOSU game, so it might be a worthwhile investment. I have been hearing some scuttlebutt from friends who are still at UT for undergrad that due to increased demand this year they might discontinue the guest ticket program for student season ticket holders, but I haven't seen anything official.

I'll keep this board up to date about the status for season tickets, and even if you don't get an email I'll post some contact info for Texas Box Office so that you can secure student season tickets if you are so inclined.

We're meeting in Houston Thursday. Are you in town?
I'm in Austin. Won't Houston still be underwater on Thursday?

U of Texas - Austin / Re: How into the whole UT thing are you?
« on: June 20, 2006, 11:11:31 AM »
I did my undergrad at UT, so I already have a wardrobe that is fairly deep in the burnt orange department. And I'm also a huge UT Football fan, having traveled to Columbus for the Ohio State game last season and Pasadena for the past two Rose Bowls. So I'm probably a little bit more school spirited than most who post on this board. That said, it's not for everyone and I know plenty of people from my undergrad days who rarely went to any sort of sports activities but still loved their time at UT.

*clap* *clap*

Hi, I'm new here, got sent this way from the freshlaw message board (I started the thread there about it being dead). Someone catch me up.

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