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Does early decision help me getting into some schools?

Let's say if I got into both St. John's(Tier 1) and Pierce(Tier 3), and I want to become a patent attorney, which school would you recommand? With LSAT in the 140s, GPA 3.2, and majoring in EE(both under and grad.), does early decision help? If it does, what schools would you recommand to apply for early decision? Can I apply for more than 1 school for early decision?

Thanks! Nice web site! I took PowerScore already. Not much improvements tho... only improved from low 140s to high 140s.

I was from Taiwan and I am a permenant resident.

Got it... yeah I'm URM. Here is the list of schools I'm going to apply. Any suggestions? Should I go for early decision?

Tier 1
I think it's impossible but I will try anyway
1. Cardozo
2. Chicago-Kent
3. Brooklyn
4. Rutgers-Newark
5. Pittsburgh
6. St. John's
7. SUNY Buffalo
8. Hosftra
9. Penn State
10. Syracuse
11. St. Louis

3rd Tier
1. Franklin Pierce
2. DePaul
3. Santa Clara
4. Michigan State

4th Tier
1. John Marshall

Whats URM?

With my lsat and gpa, what schools should I apply? I want to go into IP.

Yeah I thought about that. But I am not sure how much I can improve in just 1 or 2 yrs by just reading reading and more reading. I will definitely improve my langauge skill, but would it enough for the lsat? Plus I dont really want to wait long to get into law school. I know law school requires a lot reading, thats why I didn't consider law school in the beginning. Personally, I like engineering. So I was thinking about either PHD in EE or law school (patent law, since it requires technical background). Anyway, I decided to go to law school. I know law school requires a lot reading and I will struggle much more than you guys, but I will definitely read and write better after law school, which is one of my goals.

11 yrs... yeah I know thats kind long

I studied for lsat for the past 4 months everyday except weeekends. I even hired a tutor. The problem I have with lsat is that often the time I don't understand what question is saying, thus I can't even do the question and I have to guess. Moreoever, I can't finsh the test. In LR, I can do only 17 out of 25 ques. max, then guess the rest. In RC, I can only read 2 passage, ocassioanlly 3 if the passages are easy, then guess the rest. In LG, I can usually do 3 with no problem, but there is always one set of games that I don't know what it's saying, then guess the rest. I have taken 16 practice tests and the score ranges between 140-148. If I am able to finish the whole test, I can get above 150. I think this is due to the fact that my verbal is not strong enough, not because I dont have the ability to do it. I think I need at least an year or two to catch up to the same level as you guys (by reading more newspapers, magazines...etc) since english is my second langauge. I dont think I did well on the Oct. 05 lsat cuz I felt I didnt do well in the LR. I am expecting to get in the low 140s. What should I do?

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