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Transferring / Re: Waste of time
« on: June 13, 2007, 07:51:13 PM »
you gotta consider this. you will be interviewing with your barely 50% 1L grades (not your "clean slate" 2L grades) no matter where you are.

that said, i dunno... i don't think it's such a bad idea. if you really want to be in boston, NE/Suffolk might not be too bad of a compromise. i don't think that American is such a powerhouse that it will carry you to a job in boston with average grades. on the other hand, employers in Boston are familiar with NE/Suffolk grads. also, i know from living in boston that Suffolk actually gets a lot more respect in that town than its T3/T4 ranking would have you believe. i mean, there are only so many grads each year from the other three schools and most hahvads leave after they graduate. suffolk is a large regional school (~500 per class), so that means there are a LOT of suffolk alums working in a LOT of powerful jobs in boston.

Transferring / Re: lateral transfer
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:58:30 PM »
I don't think the transfer pool is particularly competitive at T3s. So I think you probably have a decent chance with a well written personal statement. All C's isn't too impressive, though. I would be sure to draw their attention to the fact that your school is on a C curve.

A C curve!?!?! That is brutal. Why do these lower tier schools @#!* with ya'll so bad like that? It is just so psychologically damning to give out that many C's to 1Ls. Why not just have a B centered curve like everyone else--and give out 4.33's for an A+ so that everyone can feel good with their 3.0+ GPAs? Don't you wish someone had pulled you aside as a 0L and warned you about the curve?

Transferring / Re: Waste of time
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:50:32 PM »

3. If my chances are remote, is there anything else I can do to improve my chances? 

you could apply to BU too... but if you are barely in the top half your chances are pretty low for either.
personal statement and reasons for wanting/needing to be in Boston will help, but they probably won't help enough to put you over.

if you really want to be in Boston more than being a slave to USNWR try Northeastern...
...and you're pretty much a lock at Suffolk ;)

what in god's name could you possibly be 'busy as fck' doing that you cant get recs or write a measly personal statement? this is an extremely important decision. it would be incredibly stupid to turn down a great school for a mediocre one b/c you were too lazy to get some recs.
Don't waste my time with this garbage. I'm busy. Either answer my question or write me a personal statement to the top 14 schools. Maybe if you did some research, you would find that only 12 of the top 14 law schools require a personal statement. If you went further, you may also find that 8 out of these 12 require essentially the same topic to be written about in their personal statement, so all you would have to do is change school/city names. SO, if you are too half assed to figure this *&^% out, you would have ended up writing 14 personal statements for me.

I'm too busy getting high.

which two T14's don't require you to write a personal statement?

quit bogartin' the weed...

Current Law Students / Re: What happens if I quit my 1L job
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:26:45 PM »
you would be better off dropping the class and sticking out the job even if you hate it. for chrissake you only have two months left. how bad could it be?

when you interview as a 2L they will want to know what you did your 1L summer. working in a legal job is far more impressive than taking a class. plus, if you quit the job, you will probably a burn a bridge, and the legal community is much smaller than you may realize, especially if you plan to work in the same city.

Job Search / Re: Being a Summer Associate rocks!
« on: May 28, 2007, 06:04:26 PM »

"If I even plan on going through that at all," equals code for "If I can actually get an SA offer."

It's okay.  Be proud to be bitter.  It happens.......

Maybe it's code in your world. You see, I don't plan on working in firm. That's what "if I even plan on going through that at all" meant. I currently have a job and it's not in a firm. Not everyone and his mother wants to work in a firm. As someone stated earlier in this thread, "to each his own".

"I don't plan on working in firm. . . . I currently have a job and it's not in a firm," equals code for "I actually tried but couldn't get an SA offer, hence the bitter grapes."


Job Search / Re: Being a Summer Associate rocks!
« on: May 25, 2007, 08:15:13 AM »
I gotta concur that being a summer rocks! I have no illusions that it will always be like this, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it now, while it lasts. In fact, if you don't enjoy your time as a summer associate then you are a certified fool.

I sense a lot of bitter grapes from certain posters in this thread.

Current Law Students / Re: Tips for how NOT TO dwell
« on: May 12, 2007, 09:54:39 AM »
It's a good thing they don't test for grammar. Sorry, split infinitives are a pet peeve of mine.

Current Law Students / Re: Long exams
« on: May 12, 2007, 09:50:29 AM »
I average 8-10 pages per hour, but for an 8 hour test, I would probably end up with like 40 or 45 because there is only so much even I can think of typing about a lot of this stuff.  If there are enough issues that are deep enough to spot, I have written 40 pages in 4 hours, but I type 70 wpm plus. I also make really brief outlines for my answer and I don't spell check or organize my answers at all.  Luckily this works out well for me.

You are going to gunner hell. I normally do not feel bad for law professors who only have to grade one thing per semester, but in this case I pity them for having to read your exams. 40 pages? Unorganized? Not spell checked? You do realize that it is possible to get an A in under 10 pages on any 3 hour exam, don't you? Quality will always triumph over opening up the fire hose full tilt.

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