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My sincere suggestion is to do nothing law related this summer as your entire life will be consumed with it the next year.  You will wish you could have that time back; drink beer, sit by the pool, hang out with friends.  You aren't going to have loads of free time to enjoy these simple pleasures.

EDIT I still found time to drink beer, but the other 2 are iffy.

Current Law Students / Re: Parol Evidence?
« on: April 26, 2007, 09:14:23 AM »
Do CALI lesson

drbuff123:  Do you have the same issue I have with the higher cost, etc.?

xferlawstudent:  Why not one year? Because it's already cost me thousands more just for one semester, no way am I doing one year; plus it's too late anyway now.  Well, I think I need a job right after the bar exam which is at the beginning of August and I think I can interview during the time studying for the bar at that city which is from mid-May till late July and available for interviews, but as a jobless-from-another-state-law-school-graduate.

Visit will cost my more money, potentially lose some opportunity for activities at my current school such as judicial externship, mock trial, etc., but, the visiting school is ranked half a tier higher than my current school and obviously, it has a good reputation in the city where I want to be.   

Meeting fellow soon-to-be lawyers is also important to me at this new city. Do you guys think doing this almost two month long Barbri course is enough opportunity to make new friends?

Yes, I would be foregoing a full ride to visit.  I am only a 1L so I am attempting to transfer, but if that doesn't work out I was thinking of visiting my 3L year as the school is located in the city I want to practice.

I was thinking about doing this too; hopefully someone has some info.

Current Law Students / Re: Transfer Students.
« on: April 18, 2007, 07:37:27 PM »
If you go to a provisional school you are fine as long as they still have provisional status when you enroll.  Even if they lose it after your enroll it is still like you are graduating from an ABA Approved School.

Current Law Students / Re: Which Class?
« on: April 18, 2007, 07:35:41 PM »
Can't beat having friday off.

Current Law Students / Re: Law review too much time?
« on: April 10, 2007, 05:46:07 PM »
What is the protocol for quitting a journal once you are on, can you still write it on your resume (ignore obvious ethical issues)

Transferring / The Big Question
« on: April 10, 2007, 01:45:45 PM »
Do Westlaw points transfer when you transfer schools?, I was hoping to save up for something big my 3L year.

Current Law Students / Re: Imus
« on: April 10, 2007, 08:09:47 AM »
"Nappy headed hoes"

Why is this particularly offensive? Is "nappy headed" a sensitive topic among black people? If so, why? Is it just a hair thing?

I do see the problem with calling college women "hoes," though. But I doubt the good reverand would be involved if that was the only comment.

Honestly, is there anybody out there who can enlighten me on the nappy hair problem. Many black people do indead have nappy hair.

I also did not understand why it was considered a racial comment; he went on to say how the Tennessee players were all attractive, the majority of their players are black also.  I think he was just commenting on the fact that Rutger's players were fugly, not that they were black "nappy headed hoes". 

Current Law Students / Re: Will I lose scholarship if I retake?
« on: April 09, 2007, 12:11:41 PM »
I believe if you retake the LSAT the score will automatically be reported to any schools that have requested your LSDAS file.  With that said, I don't think they would withdraw your scholarhsip for retaking the LSAT, why would they?

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