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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: *JUST* got into Brooklyn
« on: June 14, 2007, 03:37:10 PM »
i have a thread in another sub-forum, but i was just accepted last friday.  flew in on tuesday and visited the school today.  i was able to negotiate and get 15k in scholarship money.  i have 14k from santa clara and 20k from USD.  don't know if they'll be able to up it to 20k, which I'd really like.  they said there could be more $$ out there for me.  i'm still not entirely sold on the school--i have to make a decision by tomorrow.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Lenovo vs. thoseotherguys
« on: June 12, 2007, 03:04:56 PM »
I just got a delayed shipment message. I originally had a shipping date of yesterday, but it now says that my T61 will ship on 8/2, despite the e-mail saying that my shipment will only be delayed by 1-30 days. WTF Lenovo, step your game up.

a lot people are having this issue--myself included.  i have heard that the likely shipping date for most of these orders is around june 26.

check out

there are tons of people there complaining.  the guy who keeps up the blog is an employee or something.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: scu v. usd
« on: June 11, 2007, 07:28:51 PM »
it all comes down to where you want to practice in the end.  im from the bay area too and im kinda tired of here.  i did my undergrad out of state and ive been back for 2 years, but i still want to see something new.  i'm not sure if that's the case with you.  i also dont think its the best idea to live at home.  maybe for the first year, but it gets kinda boring.  i live at home but i want to be more independent.


r u from brazil, or are your parents? my wife's a 'zilian, and we've been a bunch of times... i just find it funny that a brazilian would complain about humidity (or not so much complain as to mention at all).  just an abservation leading to a query...

i'd go miami. big fish in a big pond, instead of mid-sized mackeral in an ocean.  also, the obvious latin american connections don't need to be stated.  from what i've seen and read, and this will have to be anecdotal as I can't recall sources to cite, miami is the city ranking third in 'most international law practiced in it,' after NYC and LA.  take from that what you wish (if anything)...

best of luck. hopefully i see you at miami.

i was born and raised here in california--im used to pleasant dry weather.  but my parents are from brazil.  the thing is that both come from dry places.  my dad from brasilia, where the weather is arid and similar to southern california.  my mom comes from sao paulo, which isnt particularly humid either.  you really only find humidity on the coasts and in the amazon, where im not from.

the big fish in a small pond is a personal thing.  some people like, some don't.  i think it might not be the best for me, but i do think that i can succeed in both places.  if i want to go to miami, i can later on in my life.  i'll just have to see for myself.  i actually found a reasonably priced ticket to NYC that leaves tomorrow and i've arranged some tours.  i just have to talk to these people face to face to get an idea.

well im just waiting to get a call back from the admissions officer right now.  i called her about 30 mins ago.

I think your career prospects are better coming out of Miami. Brooklyn has to compete against cardozo, NYU, Fordham. Miami is mainly against UF and FSU.

this is true.  but while the competition there is greater, there are more jobs.  i think my chances of living comfortably in miami are greater.  like i can have the same salary--maybe 70-75k, but that money in miami goes much farther.

i dont really know.  god this sucks.  i cant go wrong anywhere.  it's both a blessing and a curse.  haha.

Just go with your gut man.

my gut really isnt saying anything.  im seriously 50-50 right now.  ive thinking about it more and more, and miami is steadily losing some ground for me.  i just think there is more opportunity in NYC.  i'll probably end up grilling the admissions officer tomorrow just to get an idea.  i'm gonna see if i can just visit the school next week and see if she will accept that.  im not particularly comfortable picking the school without visiting it.  we'll see.

I'm bias of course but I say Miami. I don't know much about brooklyn but it seems like area alone would create a lot of competition within the NYC job market- Fordham, Columbia, Rutgers, Penn, NYU.

i think i will still settle on miami, but it sucks having to make this decision again once i already decided.  haha.  i tend to be pretty rational.  i just can't see myself picking a school in 3 days, especially when i was never really considering it before.

So I was just about set on going to Miami.  I had withdrawn from Loyola-Chicago and turned down scholarship money from several T2 California schools.  i still havent withdrawn from the california schools, but im not really considering them as much now.  I visited Miami over memorial day and while I wasn't blown away with the campus or area, i just have a good feeling about my employment opportunities there.  my main gripe with the area is the humidity and sprawl that is miami.  i am sure i can grow to like the humidity and area and whatnot, but it will take a year or so.  i was able to adjust to the cultural and weather differences at my undergraduate school so i think i can do it again.

brief bio:  im from the SF Bay Area, went to Michigan undergrad, and am URM (latino).  i want to do some sort of law related to latin america--most likely corporate.

i think that my background, as a brazilian and portuguese speaker, will be a valuable asset to firms that do business with latin america.  this is my main reasoning with initially picking Miami..and turning down some enticing offers from other schools.  i am also pretty indifferent on where i end up.  NYC or Miami is a toss-up.  i think i will like NYC more, but I can like grow to like Miami and the proximity to Brazil is appealing.

but now that i just made my decision, brooklyn law school gives me a call on friday and says that i have been admitted.  the catch is that i have to decide by MONDAY!  now i had not really considered brooklyn due to an application snafu on my part, which caused a delay in their decision--so i was pretty excited and shocked when i heard from them.  i basically had not counted on ever hearing back from brooklyn.

the main issue is that i havent visited the school and am largely unfamiliar with NYC.  i dont mind a big city--this is actually what i want, which made my turning down loyola-chicago so painful.  but they just didnt have much to do with latin america.  but NYC is a different story.  i guess i am uncomfortable in suddenly deciding on Brooklyn, especially since i was basically set on Miami for about 2 months.

i will have no scholarship money at either school.  but my parents have offered to help me with some of the tuition.  i also dont have any undergraduate debt.  the cost of living in NYC is higher, although that might be a moot point since my aunt is moving to NYC in a month.  i could potentially live with her and save a ton of money.  i also wouldnt need a car, whereas i would need one in Miami.

i just am a bit uneasy about the competitive reputation at Brooklyn and making what seems to me to be a rushed decision, as i said earlier.  i think Miami is the surer thing for me--i think i have the potential to stand out there more, both academically and as a Brazilian who wants to do corporate law.  the school is also very dominant in south florida, whereas brooklyn isnt exactly dominant in its area. 

I have a good friend who currently works at Linklaters in NYC and he's doing what I want to do.  He says that NYC is the place to do Latin American corporate law, but that many multinationals are looking elsewhere because of the rising cost of doing business there.  He's also considering moving to Miami, so I don't know.  haha.  He thinks I should go to Miami.  I just see a lot of potential in Miami.  But another friend of mine said that it's not worth gambling on "potential" now when I'm just starting out.  These kind of gambles are fine if you are already a lawyer, and I guess I agree with her. I am just trying to get some more opinions.  LSD, help me out!  i'm seriously freaking out here and have to decide by monday.  ???  :-\

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Brooklyn Must Have Really F-ed Up.
« on: June 08, 2007, 06:55:21 PM »
It seems like they are in a period of chaos. You might want to take that into consideration.

can you elaborate on the "chaos" that's going on.  im in the dark about it.  ???

Read his first post.  Any school that is that desperate is having issues...

i wouldnt exactly call it "chaos" though.  obviously this went through my mind.  they are probably desperate if they are even considering me--someone whose application isnt even complete.

even USD gave me a 20k grant yesterday and i never even sent in a first deposit.

schools want to fill their spots now and theyre just trying to entice students.  that hardly qualifies as chaos though.  my issue with brooklyn is their tuition, but that's another story altogether.

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