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New first post.  Anyways, I've begun to study for the December LSAT in the past week and a half.  I just graduated from Michigan in the Spring and well, summer is over and I've been cranking down on studying.  So, I'm in a fortunate position to live and breathe LSAT for the next few months (although I am stuck at home with my parents).  With that being said, I've found that I don't really have the discipline to teach things to myself with the books (I have the Nova's Master the LSAT and the Logic Games Bible).  In other words, I need structure...and some interaction with people like me who are taking the LSAT. 

I'm debating whether to take the Powerscore or Testmasters course.  I live about five minutes from Stanford.  I've searched the forums and it's clear to me that both are nearly identical.  Testmasters has more class hours but Powerscore's text materials have more explanations.  With that aside, differences lie more with the individual teachers themselves.  I've tried googling this and havent really found any information on specific teachers.  I'm wondering if anyone has any information?  I guess I could contact the courses here, but I'd prefer to have some objective information from current or former students.  Thanks a lot.

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