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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Retake TestMasters or retake something else?
« on: September 11, 2005, 07:01:13 PM »
Hey!  I guess if you didn't try your best or give a fair shot to testmasters it wouldn't be a bad idea to take it over.  I am currently enrolled in Testmasters, and although they have only improved my score a few poinst so far I am confident that if I follow their instructions more closely I can do better.  I have heard they are the best course out there for LSAT prep.  Them and Powerscore.  Unless the Blue Print is much cheaper I would stick with testmasters cause it's a bigger guarantee... :) At the same time trying Blue Print could be an experiment, and if they are testmasters instructors it should be similar.

Hey!  Thank you for the tip.  I sometimes take notes on the margins, but I guess I have a hard time distinguishing moderate from strong tones, etc. 

For the games, honestly, all I do is work backwards.  I use all the rules to eliminate wrong choices, and I try to quickly create all the hypos I can think of.  But the main reason I am good at the games (I think) is because my father used to give me similar games from the time I was 6 years old to work on during summer vacations.  I have a book just on logic games from the time I was in middle school that have the exact type games that come up in the LSAT, so I am a quick thinker at the games. 

But like I said, all I do is work backwards.  I focus on knowing what can't be true, and when they change the rules or add new ones, I just work backwards after the incorporation of the new rules.  It's worked for me, and i am sure it can work for you.  If I can do it I am sure you can too.  It's just a matter of making it fun and ineteresting to you.  I hope this helps.  Thanks again for the tip!!!

143 don't know what to expect.  I have a good undergrad rep (3.4 cum GPA, 4.0 in my majors), a 135 IQ, have been taking testmasters for a month and a half and still all I can score is a 153 after the third diagnostic?  I just don't understand!  I get all the games right, a good number of logical reasoning right and I fail the reading comp.  It's umbelievable.  I get most of them wrong!!!  I have tried everything!  Reading it fast (can't absorb any info) reading slow (only read two out of 4 passages), not reading  at first and going back to the text to answer questions (miserable failure).  Nothing works!  Although English is not my first language, I have been here for 9 years and I do speak it fluently...If English was the problem the LR and Games would suck too but they don't.  Does anyone know what I should do to improve my RC score?  Please!  I'm desperate!  Oct 1st is just around the corner, and I am only applying to New York city schools. 

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