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I agree with the poster that suggested reading Law School Confidential. That will probably give you a better idea than these posts (I'd written out a fairly long explanation of why regular text books wouldn't really work in law school then realized it probably wouldn't make any sense to someone who wasn't already in law school). For an alternative view, you could try Planet Law School, but, comparted to my experience, it's not very accurate (although I'm sure others would disagree).

As to the amount of work it takes, that really depends on the individual and how he or she learns (and how good their time management skills are). I'm an evening student so I took one less class each semester of my first year than a full-time day student but I didn't spend anywhere near 40 hours/week studying outside of class (on average - some weeks, for instance around finals and the due date of the big legal writing project, I definitly exceeded 40 hours). But I also didn't formally brief cases or outline my courses which I could see being very time consuming. The bulk of the semester I generally spent 1 to 1.5 days/weekend doing my reading assigments for the upcoming week and my free weeknight working on legal writing and that was about it (which was plenty).


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