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Roger Williams / Why not to consider this school
« on: May 10, 2006, 05:52:04 PM »
As I read these threads, there is a lot of desperation here. Many of you graduated from this crappy law school. You are unemployed. You failed the bar (repeatedly). You are bitter.

You only chose such school because you lacked solid academic credentials. "I'm going to law school." "Wow, say your friends." That would impress them - what with their GED, some community college classes and twenty years of experience doing low-level jobs.

After getting a 2.2 in high school, and dropping out of community college, you figure you'll take the LSAT. After months of intensive practice, you break a 142. You re-take, and get a 144. With a 2.1 gpa from your college and a 144, you apply to all the law schools. After getting quickly rejected from quality law schools, you find yourself funneled into the dregs of the law school education world: Roger Williams, Western State, Thomas Jefferson and the non-ABA schools, or worse the unaccredited law schools. You weren't going to let a lousy LSAT score and lousy academic record get in the way. No - you were going to enroll in schools that are more concerned with putting butts in seats than in turning out quality lawyers.

After enrolling in RWU, you begin to realize that "job fairs" consist of mass mailing resumes to the local volunteer organizations. Nobody is paying you for your acquired knowledge. Firms don't come on to campus to recruit you, other than Larry Parker, the personal injury lawyer, who happens to need some more paralegals with JD's.

Despite the 40% bar passage rate, the uninspired intellect of your classmates, and the fact that the courses are taught by self-employed lawyers who also went to school there, your dream of making $150K at graduation still burns bright. In other cities, firms are lining up to hire Berkeley, Stanford and UCLA grads. You keep thinking that they will stop by, and offer your classmates jobs. They do stop by, but just to drop off their clothes at the dry cleaners next door and to pick up coffee. There is a bustling business next door at the donut shop.

After 4 years of night school or 3 years of full time study, you finally get the JD from your no-name school. You feel proud. Friends and family look up to the "lawyer" in the family. Mom is a lot older now, and smiles from ear-to-ear. You are the first lawyer in the family (she doesn't realize that she also could have enrolled and you could have taken classes together). Soon you are sitting for the Rhode Island or California bar exam, and then more despair. They actually are going to test you on law subjects. Dang! "What's a tort?" You begin to feel doubt. "Uh, is this a contract?" "Hmm. I don't recall ever hearing about the UCC." "Constitutional Law? I remember the Miranda warning, but I learned that watching Cops."

Then you fail. So does 90% of your class. Out of 300 students, only 30 pass. The other 270 wait to take it again (and again). Depressing.

You expected this journey to turn out better. Bagging groceries wasn't your destiny. You were going to be more successful than Al Bundy. You were going to be a lawyer. And where are the employers? How come they snap up the graduates of great schools but ignore me? I'm just as good as them! I learned the same subjects! I deserve better!

In the background, nobody is telling you what you refused to hear. You're stupid. You see, if you can't get better than a 144 on the LSAT, fail at college and then attend a crappy law school that exists only for losers to think they'll be successful, you deserve the fruits of your labor. Unfortunately, since the beginning of time, people of all types have conned others. Today's con is opening up @#$%& law schools for shittier students. Students with no intellectual rigor; students who were left behind by the elite institutions; students that only got into a law school because they paid the money. Once the dust clears, you realize that all you have is a worthless JD to go with a worthless resume.

I just hope others can see the con game and not partake in it. Try something else with your lives.

The AMA doesn't allow similar @#$%& medical schools in this country. I sure as hell wouldn't want someone like you operating on me. Law is different. They can (and do) open up these schools, selling pipe dreams to idiots willing to shell out the money. A few do eventually pass the bar. They are great at settling dog bite cases or evicting tenants. They are the scourge of the profession. When ambulance sirens go by, they look out the window.

Please stop demonstrating how stupid you are by complaining about the lack of opportunities that arise from a law degree from a worthless school. You were not smart enough to get into a quality school. The fact that few of you can even pass the bar from your entire school speaks volumes of the idiocy that wanders the hallways of your converted tent called a law school. Just accept your shortcomings, and move on to new careers in door-to-door selling.

That you were gullible enough to think that you really could become a successful lawyer despite the terrible education given to you in the "law school," your total lack of success in early academic endeavors, and that you bombed the LSAT repeatedly, tells me that you are not realistically evaluating how stupid you really are. You are in denial. You are like no-talent contestants on American Idol who really think they are something special. I'm Simon, and here's your wake-up call.

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