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      Well, lets not make the "conditional" thing an issue.  I'm sure you'll do fine, and there is nothing wrong with looking ahead a little.  I just find it suprising that you posted so many good things about the school and now you're talking about getting out.  Is it the city?  Do you miss home?  That's what I'm wondering.  Also I looked into the summer program and I did not see Civ pro I, larc I or Torts I as part of the curriculum.  So, I think you might be mistaken about taking a lighter load in the fall.  Just so you're not caught off guard, I'd double check that.  I think your "Lighter Load" will be in the form of being a part time student.  So your load will be lighter relative to the full timers.  Let us know LL  I am considering the school as I was accepted to their full time program in March and would like to see why there was such a drastic change in attitude.

LatinLord, I am just curious, do you not like Indy?  I have been following your previous posts and I got the impression that you were super excited about going to the school.  Also, if you are part time at Indy, what classes are you taking in the summer that will lighten the course load.  From my understanding all p-time students will take Torts, Civ Pro, and LARC I their first semester.  Are you taking any of these in your program?

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