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I think I find giraff's or whatever her gay ass name is, more pretensious than Erapitt.  At least the guy's funny.  We need to anti-pussify this webboard so fukin posts like these dont take up my time....Becuase I'm obviously compelled to use bad spelling and grammer to let half you kids know how big of losers you really are.  Giraffe= Fiona Apple

Jeusus Christ, both of you, just _f**ck'n quit already.

Hey, I have an easy solution to your problem.  If you don't want to read it, then don't.  Problem solved. ;)

  Hey jerk-off, now that you put it that way, let me just say that when it comes to your little rivalry, I think erapitt makes some good points and your a whiney female dog who needs to spend more time studying law and less time on LSD

Jeusus Christ, both of you, just _fuck'n quit already.

A lot of Ad Hominums flying around this post, I thought future magistrates were supposed to be akin to the art of argument, and not fall prey to logical fallacies

Florida, please for the love of GOD relax man!  Don't make a federal case out of what Erapitt says.  I can see the smoke rising off your keyboard as you furiously type a rebuttle.  It's not worth getting all bent out of shape.

You know, Latin Lord Aside, I agree with what Erapitts trying to say.  I think this country has raised its children on the kindergarten t-ball attitude, "Everyone's a winner!"  No offense, the shoot for the Moon so you land amongst the stars motto is probably the biggest crock of sh!t I've ever heard.  For instance, I wanted to be a rock star in high school after I learned to play guitar.  Yeah, I can see where I would be right now if I had followed your "shoot for the moon advice;" living in my mother's basement, sneaking 17 year old girls in at night, and playing dave matthews love songs to them in an attempt to get laid.  Get serious.  The crap your pushing here is just about as worthless as the "You go to a TTT, you're worthless"  Jesus christ your going to be an attorney, you look at problems objectivly, from all angles.  Extricate the key facts, yada yada yada...  In his case, he needs advice, not a half time locker room speech.  Nor does he need to be put down.  He needs people to tell him "look there may be more disadvantages to what you want to do rather than advatages.  Before you get to that though, you need to put FIRST THINGS FIRST."

Thank fu*k*n god there's someone else on this board that realizes how rediculous half the kids that post here are.  The other half of you, no offense but if you think you don't fall within this 50%, you should be doing your part to make this board a place of information, not an internet high school.  And yes, perhaps I will stop posting here, and maybe stop using the site all together.  For the love of god, sometimes i think that I'm better off masterbating into an old sock than trying to get info here.  Yeah some of the off topic sh!t is good, but you'll never get anything from the threads that attempt to be serious and informative

Erapitt,  I admit it, some of your posts are hilarious especially when your railing on that florida kid.  Maybe the funniest part is the fact that someone would get so @#!**n bent out of shape over a post.  That being said, you can't tell me you aren't doing it to amuse yourself at least just a little.  Yeah, I've seen the people who are like "hey man I just tell it like it is", and "I don't care what anyone thinks,"
and lets not forget, "I give it to them straight."  Not saying your one of those losers who will eventually be walking around with their jaw wired shut for a month becuase they said the wrong thing to someone at a bar (hey, I've seen it happen) I'm just saying, if your smart enough to get into law school, then you have a reasonable knowledge base of communicative actions, (written or spoken) and you're intending a certain response from that action....You know what, trust me this isn't targeted at you, and I hope you agree.  I see this sh!t all the time on LSD.  Many times I have to sift through the Bullsh!t just to get to some real information about a certain topic.  For instance, (again, not target at you or anyone in particular) you write a post about briefing a case and as always, two or three jagoff's are gonna make some sh!tbag comment about somthing.  So then I gotta sit their and waste my time while some poster who was probably a loser in high school, college, and still is, gets up on their internet soap-box in order to get a few laughs and push some kid's buttons.  You use bad grammer in your post, "Your grammer sucks, you're going to a TTT) You spell something wrong "you're never going to succeed in L.S."  Stuff like that.  I used to think this place was a gold-mine for info, but its been invaded by guys who probably rarley get laid, girls who are D2 slam pigs and aren't worth a nut in the face, and LIBERALS.  But hey maybe its the field we're all going into.  Anyway nothing against you PITT, but you can see where I'm comming from with all this sh!t right?

Don't take what everyone said to heart LL, its the nature of this board.  Some people are going to help you, some are going to be brutally honest, and some will be brutally honest to get a few laughs at your expense...i.e. erapitts posts in this thread.  Nothing personal. (I hope at least) I just know that there are a large number of people that would Kill to be in your position, and I'm sure people on this board have good friends who got screwed by the LSAT or themselves have been screwed by the test and are quite sensative when they see an URM making claims that he might not be happy with something that (as they see) was handed to you on a silver platter.  You can understand that right?  Thats just the way some people are man.

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