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St. John's U Law School / Re: Seat Deposit is in!
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:01:54 PM »
Do you live in the campus housing?  Do you know how avaible it is?

Oh yeah, the basic question:  Whats the work load like?  Do you always feel like your being piled with work?  How are things like law review and moot court decided?

Im pretty sure most of St Johns grad housing is off-campus and is available as long as you apply on time.   Someone else might be able to answer that one better than me.

Work load is about what I expected.  When you have a legal writing assignment due, you'll have very little free time, but between assignments, if you work efficient (dont take breaks every 10 minutes) its not so bad.  I have plenty of free time.

As for Law Review, the top 6% grade on (but have to put in a "good faith" effort on the writing competition) and I think about 20 or so are able to write on. You need to be in the top third to be eligible to write on. 

As for Moot Court you need to tryout at one of, I think, 3 competitions.  Not completely sure on that since im a 1L and you dont tryout until 2L.

St. John's U Law School / Re: Seat Deposit is in!
« on: April 22, 2007, 05:50:04 PM »
congrats guys.  if you have questions about SJU id be glad to help (1L procrastinating before finals)...

Current Law Students / Re: sheep, all of us sheep
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:32:20 PM »
this whole site reeks of weak, baa-ing little sheep looking for reassurance. (watch my rep fall another few points, it was -3 as of this posting).  "the sting in any rebuke is the truth". -benjamin franklin

My negative rep destroys yours!

And for that, I commend you.  Better say something offensive, quick.  Alienate a whole tier worth of students or something.

whaaa?  what terrifies me about this comment, and i think it's symptomatic of a particular generation, if that it betrays a belief that this little chatroom world in any way mirrors reality.

please rewrite this more concisely. also dont try and act smart, it makes you seem dumb.

Current Law Students / Re: Reneging on a Job Acceptance
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:30:00 PM »
are people actually insinuating that accepting an offer for a job is a binding contract?


take firm B if they offer you a job, but contact firm A as soon as you make that decision so they can find someone else.

Current Law Students / Re: Is it true .. NO FREE TIME?
« on: March 24, 2007, 04:17:13 PM »
i cite this as one of countless threads which prove my original point some weeks ago (someone will find the quote) that this is a place for sheep who need reassuring that all will be well.  weak little 22 year-olds scared of the world.  dude, law school is entirely voluntary.  i absolutely adore the way people obsess over the silliest things like "will i meet somebody?" or "how humiliating is the socratic method...really?" or "will i soil myself when i am called upon?".  i'll bet you are the variety of tit who pays for chemo for his cat while millions of people die every year from malaria...yep, you're the guy who thinks SUV emissions are a big deal when we have obscenities like the Darfur, East Timor, and female circumcision going on...what a bunch of weak is f&%king school guys...if you worked at a 711 the rest of your puff your standard of living would still exceed that of most of the human beings on the planet you egotistical idiiots...i cannot wait to meet all of you in the cold, cold world, i'll eat your lunches your assortment of sad, twitching nerve bundles.  what an effete group of dilletantes we sound like. jesus, i'm going to go puke.

1:  you dont have to "tag" if you're writing a reply anyway.  that accomplishes the "tagging" on its own.

2:  yeah school is voluntary, which means you dont have to go, which means if you are thinking of going, you actually have to make a decision one way or the other, which means you might like to ask some questions to see if its right for you.

you may not realize since you are so smart and exceptional at everything you do, but asking questions like how much time you have to put in, or about the socratic method might be material to someones decision if they would like to voluntarily enroll in law school.

im glad you have it all figured out, but other people might not.

3:  also, a little bit dramatic dont you think?

Current Law Students / Re: Is it true .. NO FREE TIME?
« on: March 23, 2007, 03:50:27 PM »
I had many of the same questions as you did, I thought I would have no free time, but I found that I have as much as I did in undergrad. The operative thing is because in undergrad I was working 25-35 hours a week, now I'm not working at all. So it balances out. I give it about 3-5 hours a day depending on the work load for the week. However, during the first semester when your memo is due, expect your free time to be cut dramatically, in the two weeks coming up to the due date you'll gradually increase the amount of time you spend working until it almost is exclusive of your entire day. Also the 2-3 approaching finals expect to be dead to the outside law school world. It's hard, but it's not as much as other people will make it seem. I was able to play rugby full time, maintain a social life and do very well my first semester. On the weekends expect a few hours a day on saturday and sunday (if you're flying home, that may be ample) or you can do it all at once in one day and take the other off. Some people make it seem much worse than it is, but in my opinion it's not all that bad.

I agree 100%

It all depends on how efficient you are at working.  If it takes you 2 hours to do an hour of reading (mixing in web surfing, IM'ing, tv) then youll feel as though you dont have much time.  If you are somewhat efficient you can have a good amount of free time.

Current Law Students / Re: How much free time do you have as a 1L?
« on: February 03, 2007, 08:49:44 AM »

I love these kinds of posts.  I go to a T2 in a big market, I study maybe 1-2 hrs a day.  Basically I do the reading for class the day before.  I do my legal writing papers a week or so before they are due, so on those weeks I spend a lot of time doing that.

I started studying for finals about 3 weeks before finals and basically looked over my notes and made a makeshift outline from my notes and random outlines on the internet.  I didn't really take any practice tests.

I don't really take notes in class, except for important stuff or if I don't understand something.  But I do pay attention in class and try to make sure I understand all the concepts we talked about that day.

I finished my 1L first semester ranked just inside the top 12% of my class.
Who are these people who "have no free time"... what the hell are you guys reading/studying all day?  OH and sitting in the library screwing around on the internet, or getting up every 10 minutes for snacks or socializing doesn't count as "studying"

Honestly, was there a need for the "HA HA" and "I love these kinds of posts?"  I mean I think its soooo cool that you can do so little work and finish in the top 12% of your class.  You are sooo smart!!  You don't take any practice tests?  Awesome!!  Some of us do need to do a lot of work though, so I know you like to brag to everyone about how you did so well by doing so little, but its really unnecessary.

perfect response

St. John's U Law School / Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« on: January 28, 2007, 06:50:38 PM »
Also, SJU is like 20 minutes or so from Hofstra...Its not so much the distance between them as much as the surrounding neighborhood.  There is a distinct difference between Jamaica and Hempstead.  For me I live in queens so it was a no brainer, but personally I like Jamaica better.

St. John's U Law School / Re: Hofstra v St. John's
« on: January 28, 2007, 06:47:15 PM »
Also a 1L at SJU.  Dave111 is on the money pretty much.  However, I went to Hofstra for a Barbri review and I thought it didnt look/feel as nice as SJU.  Maybe I didn't see everything, who knows.

And to answer the OP's question, yes SJU will match hofstras offers.  Well at least they did last cycle.

St. John's U Law School / Re: ST. Johns Review
« on: December 17, 2006, 08:14:19 PM »
I agree with Beckett mostly..I have 1 really crappy professor, and 1 pretty boring, but remains to be seen how crappy professor.  The others are very solid.

And Section A kicks Section C's ass at football... ;)

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