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Current Law Students / Re: Reputation????
« on: April 28, 2006, 03:34:38 PM »
now i'm a -2 :(

Current Law Students / Reputation????
« on: April 28, 2006, 06:51:05 AM »
Okay this is completly pointless but i'm going to ask it.  what is the reputation thing that goes by our name, who rates us and how does that work.  i've have everywhere from a 2 to now a -1 and i want to know how that happens. 

Current Law Students / Re: brokeback mooting
« on: April 25, 2006, 04:37:52 PM »
whoever wrote that owes me 5 minutes of my life back.  what the hell was that crap!

Current Law Students / Re: Do these disqualify me from taking the bar?
« on: April 22, 2006, 10:21:32 PM »
i come from a psychology background and I know BP2 is an actual recognized medical condition, so i can not see how the bar could fail to admit you for having a medical condition.  that brings up too many civil rights issues.  it could be analagous with saying, you can't take the bar, you have diabetes or psoriosis.  you're still held accountable for your manic periods and the things that you do during them will still be used against you during your character and fit evaluation.  so if you get arrested for possesion or develop an addition while manic you are still going to have to answer that.  also once admitted you will still have to keep your psychopathology under control and follow all the professional rules of conduct.  are you currently taking lithium? and have you been diagnoses by a mental health doctor?

Current Law Students / Law School Confidential Property Hypo
« on: April 19, 2006, 07:02:05 PM »
okay guys i'm reading Law School Confidential and they list a hpyo on page 122 when explaining propery class. The question is interesting and I am hoping some experienced student knows the answer. Here it goes.

Who has the "more significant" right to a piece of property that was lost by person A, found by person B, stolen by person C, sold to dealer D, bought by person E, when person A sees person E wearing her "lost" ring and demands its return.

Who would have the right and under what circumstances would that right change, maybe knowledge of receipt of stolen property etc.  It's not important I would just like to know for my own sake. 


Damien Tancredi

Here's my opinion of t3 and t4.  I will be attending a t4 school next year and I do not anticipating it hurting me too much, the reason is I want to stay in the area so I am going to school t4 schools are usually able to place in firms in their area, yet not so good at national reputation and distance.  So I will be attending Widener and I plan to stay in the Philly area and at least start my career there.  So I do not anticipate there to be too much problem since I know I want to work in the Philly DA's office and Widener has no problem placing there.  I could most likely get into any t3 school around, I was waitlisted at a second teir school, however Philly has no ttt schools out of its 5.  I think that it's important to like the school and its city more than its rank, first off the rankings are flawed and they do not reflect quality of education.  If you do well in any law school you will be able to find work.  Now if you are looking for 175k starting salary in NYC or DC you may have a tough time, but if you're willing to work hard in law school get a job in a smaller firm or public law and make a name for yourself there I think you will have no problem having a successful career. 

edit: wow i wrote that during a break from a mind numbing paper (last research paper in undergrade) on the pharmacological effects of aspartame and my grammar was piss poor.  sorry.

Transferring / Re: What Happens When You Get Kicked Out?
« on: April 05, 2006, 08:48:35 AM »
I would say your best option is to put your social life on hold for the near future, quit your job if you're working and can possibly afford to, uninstall AIM from your laptop, disconnect your cable line and work as hard as you can for the next semester to be certain you don't get kicked out.  It's a whole lot easier to stay in then get back in once you're out. 

Current Law Students / Re: LoverOfWomen = @ # ! * i n g Sick
« on: April 03, 2006, 10:25:57 AM »
Agreed:  He is VERY annoying, not to mention the fact that he doesn't have any semblance of a life.  I actually sort of feel sorry for him.  You know he is only resorting to posting women's pictures because he is living out a fantasy he can't realize in real life, namely finding a woman who is willing to date him.  So my attitude is laugh and pity him as opposed to getting irritated.

yeah you have a good point, if your pathetic enough to go on the net download pictures of attractive girls, and then post them onto a law school message board, you really can't have much else going for you.

Current Law Students / Re: LoverOfWomen = @ # ! * i n g Sick
« on: April 03, 2006, 06:52:40 AM »
i'm not a big fan of that guy either

lover of women you still never disclosed what school you go to, are you in a t6 school

Why should I out myself?  178 LSAT/3.96 GPA, did my 1L summer at a biglaw firm, you do the math.

yeah i guess i'll just assume you're lying i don't go to a t6 law school so you'll never have to run into me. 

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