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I work in the Phila DA's office right now in an internship, and prestigue has nothing to do with who's hired and even more so who's the best attorney's.  Widener (T4) is the second biggest feeder school in that office and the D.A's from Widener are excellent trial lawyers.  While the Ivy League Penn lawyers are better at appeal briefs than in court rooms due to their theoretical training.  So to say that prestigue is a big deal I guess would only matter in a case where you are trying to go into biglaw, yet soemone like me would rather be in court argueing cases then in my office staring at my T14 law dipolma all day.  T4 T3 in my opinion, and the opinion of many fine lawyers from all different law schools does not matter as much as some want to believe. 

Widener U School of Law / Re: Widener DE-Fall 2006
« on: March 15, 2006, 11:22:39 PM »
I am most likely going to attend widener in the fall as well, and i've talked to a few D.A's who went there and they loved it.  if you're looking to get into the philly da's office, it's a good school to go to, i believe it's the 2nd biggest feeder school for that office  I am an intern at that office currently and i it's a nice place to work, not good pay though

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