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Houston / Re: U of H Starting Fall 2006
« on: March 13, 2006, 07:52:37 PM »
I was accepted to UH's part-time program and will begin on May 29.  I applied to part time because I needed to go to school in Houston for different reasons and I wanted to do whatever necessary to get in at UH (instead of settling for STCL).  Although part-time has been slightly easier to get into in past years, they recently released the numbers and last year's class was equally difficult to get into compared to full-time (3.37/161 PT, 3.49/160 FT).  This kind of makes me wish that I had applied to full-time (you have to choose one), however I am pleased with my current situation because I will be able to ease into rigors of law school. 

If anyone notices that their status has changed to "decision mailed" but they havn't rec'd an email, don't get too worried because I rec'd my letter and email on the same afternoon.  I thought for sure I was rejected so it was a nice suprise to open the letter and then get an email 15 minutes after the letter.

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