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U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 23, 2006, 02:26:07 PM »
Got my lease today too!  Add to that list of eeks MOLD hazards!  :o

yea i saw that too! i actually have a buddy who went to cal and had to move out of his apartment ( not the tower) mid-semester b/c of toxic mold!!!!!  it's scarey stuff! fans are a must and ventalation.  ican't stand people who don't circulate fresh air in their home anways!

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 20, 2006, 07:30:59 PM »
I got mine today and I am going to try to see it this week.  The lease talks about lead paint eek!


U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 13, 2006, 11:48:17 PM »
Hey everyone,

Fellow Hastings 1L here.  I heard from 2Ls that we'll find out our section the day of orienation.  Hastings1L- Curious what did you hear about the method in assigning them...?

As for the housing, I remember when first submitted my app the lady said that we'd find out in early June.  Obviously early June has passed, so I called again and the lady says we'll find out before the end of the month...which means SOON!

Hastings1L- I requested a room with the lots of sunglight as well...!  ;D

I just heard that it is not random which I suppose makes sense and the website said it would be posted in early august right?  I need natural light!  Also I forgot to add in my review above that there is only fluerecent lighting in the apartments so lamps  may be a must-have for some (like me) 

Teddi when did you put your name down on the housing list?

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 13, 2006, 09:23:20 PM »
my pleasure landromatt.  Yea I felt really disappointed with the bathrooms, but i think when yo usee them nicely furnished you  can kinda relax a bit which seems to be the case with both of us. 

On to a new topic; when do you think we'll get our section assignments?  I hear there is a method to assigning them...

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 12, 2006, 09:18:39 PM »

i didn't get a chance to go to housing day, although i did submit an app to live in the tower (a studio).  can you tell me what they are like so that i can have a sort of visual as to what i am getting into?  and i totally agree that vicinity is uber important.  thanks for the help!

but of course fellow hastings 1L tobias! I want to preface this with the fact that I do in fact want to live in the towers and do not feel doing so will be that big of an issue.  I'm even a girly girl so I am factoring in that as well.So, the rooms are old hotel rooms and the kitchen is basically slapped on on the of the walls.  two burners, an oven, a mini fridge (the ones that come to about your mid section), a sink and some cabinets above.  Everything kinda fits in to one large rectangle hence the description "slapped on."  I don't know about you, but i don't plan on cooking much of anything during our first year, but I will most likely do a couple of larger productions, in which case-the rink-e-dink kitchen will be a challenge but not impossible.  For most meals (baked chicken or beef, stir fry and rice ect.) it will be more than fine and less clean up. My tour guide for admit day was AWESOME and lived in the towers so I got to see like 6 different apartments before i even went to housing day.  i say that b/c that was when they were furnished and i was told (and saw) that for the fridge problem, most people just buy a small freezer for their room and that solves the problem.  Also in some of the apts there was space for a small island ( the kind you get at target for $75) if you need more cook prep space.  They have wheels and can be used as storage for something too.  Anyways that's the kitchens.  In the studios I saw the small kitchen turns out to be a plus b/c it doesn't impose on your living space as much.   The bathrooms leave a lot to be desired and I'm not talking marble counter tops b/c they have these early 90's vanities and the tubs i saw look fairly new- the toilets looked kinda gross but I guess if you clean it really well when you move in, it shouldn't be that hard to get past.  Just know that unless you're a guy who can live with no tp and a caked bar of soap, you will need a rug and a nice shower curtain and set of towels to make that thing do-able.  I'm going to put lots of energy and time in to the bathroom b.c i think it is worth it.  The actual rooms range in size, but all the studios I 've seen have been a good size i.s a full bed, desk, tv futon and maybe even a SMALL dining room table could fit nicely.  I also got to see some BIG studios that seemed more like one bedrooms missing a wall! What I saw in several of the smaller studios was a loft bed from ikea with a desk or futon underneath. That was a great use of the space and looked nice and provided some seperation between your sleeping/living areas.  All the apartments i saw had nice big windows and some good light.  On my app I requested a apartment with lots of light b/c I NEED natural light but depending where you are on the list i think you can request certain things.Closet space also ranged b/c I saw walk-in closets and barely a sliding panel door closet! In general the ceilings are pretty high 12 feet+  The higher you go starting around the 10th or 12th floor i'd say, you get AMAZING views! The carpet sucks, repeat SUCKS! I think there is hardwood underneath the cheapest grade of carpet you can get that they stuck on the floors!  I'm talking classroom carpet!  Yuck!  Rugs will most likely be a must.

The gym is in a nice old ballroom, smallish but everything you need is there.  The 5 times I've been to the tower and by the  gym no more than 4 people have been in there. The laundry is a buck to wash and a buck to dry.  newspapers are delivered to your apartment door as is food.  You have access to the game room where there is a big screen tv, game tables pool ect.  You'll also have the basketball court once the bookstore moves back to the 100 building.  the skyroom is GREAT and open till 8 pm.  there's an escort service and 24 hour security guards who all seem to be over 60.  lol.  all in all it works, even for this girly girl.

Ok so that's the honest truth, It is workable but will take imagination.  To me, a nice gleaming hardwood floor remodeled bathroom and gourmet kitchen with even a 15/20 min commute wouldn't make me stray from the tower.  It's close to school and at the hub of public transit, you really can't beat it.  Plus those 15/20 min that everybody is commuting I will be sleeping! 

Anymore questions? ;D

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: June 12, 2006, 03:10:30 PM »
Congrats!  I was at housing day but I skipped the tour b/c I am from the Bay and worked in SF for two years. 

About the Tower: I'm living there because of it's close proximity to school and FOR ME that is important.  It's ok, nothing fancy, but we're in law school, what do you want people?  A Ritz-Carlton condo conversion?!?!?   :D Anyways it's fine and close to class so for a non-morning person like myself it's a must. 

Any questions PM or ask here...

oh and  i thought the food at admit day was much better, because, yes, i'm the type of girl that thinks about that kind of stuff.

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009!
« on: May 17, 2006, 12:32:56 PM »
Is anybody going to the housing day/tour on June 9th?  Looks kinda cool, tho I don't really need a tour of SF....what can we possibly do from 930-2?!?!

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: May 06, 2006, 02:47:11 PM »
They said the library is going to be open spring semester so I am not tripping.  On the site they have drawings now of what the YMCA/retail/housing/parking structure will look like. IT's WAAAAAAAY nice, but I doubt we will get to use it; however, it does make me feel a little more secure in going to hastings. Why you ask, b/c I think it shows they are really interested in taking the next step with the school and making it a comeptitive urban campus like GULC or someplace.  Also, they are rehabing a theater in the tower...all very cool things.  They have drawings of the new library and those are nice too.  They name drop on who built the staircase in the library so I guess that is supposed to be impresive.  Also there will be a new cafe which should be cool for grabing something between classes. 

I am moving in early august too.  I want to be nice and settled before classes start.  I wonder when they will give out the reading assignments, but that should be the furthest thing from my mind.  I can't help wondering about my section and prof. and what not.  I suspect in 6-7 months I will curse myself for doing this.

Off to enjoy the sunshine or something like that 8) ;D :D

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: May 05, 2006, 07:22:59 PM »
I sent in my deposit for a studio in the tower back in January, you might be able to call them and request one of the lower priced 1bedrooms. The lady I spoke with was very helpful when it came to questions regarding housing.

RE: Credo, I'm dreading these last few months.. I already feel homesick!

The studios I saw were varied in size, the efficancy looked scarey.  I sent mine in right after I was accepted-no need to risk being stuck on the 8th floor...however there is always the big one to consider.  When are you guys moving in?  Have any of you looked at hte expansion plans for the school?  (YMCA ect.)

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings Class of 2009?
« on: May 03, 2006, 06:54:49 PM »
I'm local, so I'll just be moving from the east bay...are you guys trying to find housing on your own or are you living in the tower?  I  put my deposit down for the tower already and am hoping for the cheapest one bedroom they have.  I can't do a studio, I'd rather owe the extra 1000 bucks to whomever I take my loans out from.

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