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Law School Admissions / Re: WTF?
« on: January 18, 2007, 10:11:51 PM »
I just check the Fordham status checker and it went from application not found to incomplete so at least their acknowledging my application now... I'm on pins and needles here... I've been trying to stay away from this board but my paranoia is in full swing  :o

Law School Admissions / WTF?
« on: January 18, 2007, 09:41:02 PM »
It's been four weeks today and Fordham still has not requested a report.

I never received a complete notice for any of the eight schools I applied to NYU, Columbia...

So I'm wondering is a complete notice a must?

And has anybody else had issues with Fordham?

I called... and all they said was that they order reports in batches not individually.

Personal Statements, Resumes, and Letters of Recommendation / ACD?
« on: November 26, 2006, 12:12:51 PM »
Some schools ask specifically if you have ever been arrested, for those schools I wrote an addendum. Other schools ask if you have ever been convicted technically not I received ACD (ajournment in contemplation of dismissal) so the case was dimissed and sealed. I went to a law school forum and they stressed full disclosure, I'm wondering if I should attach the addendum to every application just to be cautious. Or should I use the play on words and send it to schools that specifically ask if I have ever been arrested?

Any thoughts?

Also I made the addendum short and to the point. I didn't want to go on and on about something many of the adcomm members I spoke to at the forum referred to as not being a big deal? Should I make a story out of it or keep it short and sweet. Keep in mind I already have a ps and a diversity essay.

Black Law Students / Question?
« on: August 29, 2006, 06:44:59 AM »
When are you financial aid funds typically available? I'm creating a budget and I need to factor in rent.

Black Law Students / Re: Official "Hang out in NYC" Thread
« on: July 11, 2006, 06:23:12 AM »
so ny you ever catch broadway shows or off broadway shows? any type of performing or visual arts?

Religiously, I've seen tons of on broadway stuff, chicago, phantom, lion king, rent, movin out, color purple, etc.
All great if your into musicals.

I stay away from the beacon just not my cup of tea.

I tend to prefer off broadway stuff there is usually a message behind the preformance.
This week and next is the fresh fruit festival there will be tons of off broadway stuff.

Black Law Students / Re: Michael Jordan look-alike sues superstar
« on: July 10, 2006, 09:02:48 AM »
The bull shyt people come up with makes me sick to my stomach. I'm sure he is looking for a settlement what he needs is a kick in the a$$... not to mention he looks nothing like him I mean wtf?

Black Law Students / Re: What Type of Lawyer Will You Be? - Quiz
« on: July 10, 2006, 06:40:07 AM »
From the National Jurist:

1. You decided to go to Law School because:
A. You wanted to prove you could be smart and gorgeous
B. Your dad was a top attorney
C. You want to be rich and famous
D. You love to argue and be independent, why not do it for a living?
E. Your boyfriend/girlfriend was going [or lived there ;)] and it was a "move it or lose it" situation
F. You didn't fit the mold and you always wanted to be a lawyer

2. When you go to class, you wear [or will wear]:
A. A pink jumpsuit and a Louis Vuitton bag
B. Jeans and a T-Shirt
C. Something that makes the person next to you feel inferior
D. A bohemian skirt and tank top
E. A short skirt
F. At least one thing that's leather

3. If you were a cocktail, you'd be a...
A. Cosmopolitan - elegant and sophisticated with an unexpected kick
B. Arrogant Bastard - smooth, bold and classic
C. Screwdriver - 'nuff said
D. Dry Martini - strong with a dash of bitterness
E. Kamikaze - cute, sweet, and makes you act a little crazy
F. Long Island Iced Tea - doesn't look powerful but packs a lot of punch

4. The guy that sits next to you in Torts class just failed the exam. You...
A. Console him
B. Crack a joke, then invite him to grab a drink
C. Smirk, then tell him better luck next time (that's one less guy to compete with)
D. Offer to help him study (you have the time and the grades to help someone)
E. Start freaking out that you might have done poorly too
F. Admit to him that you didn't do so good yourself

5. You have On-Campus Interviews.  You tell the interviewer:
A. That you have the same suit in navy blue
B. All about how you put a bully in his place at moot court
C. That you've never done poorly on an exam and you're the top of your class
D. About how challenging it is to be in law school and keep a social life
E. How nervous you get during interviews
F. You like not fitting in at law school, it makes you try harder

6. The thing you dislike most about law school is:
A. That everybody dresses down everyday
B. That there is too much work
C. You can't play dirty; you have to play fair
D. The time it takes away from being with friends/family
E. The emotional turmoil it causes you
F. The cookie-cutter mold that everyone seems to fit

7. Your idol is:
A. Maria Shriver
B. John F. Kennedy
C. Johnnie Cochran
D. Sandra Day O'Connor
E. Samuel Alito's wife
F. Judge Judy

8. You can't wait to start practicing law because:
A. You're excited that you get to help people and buy a whole new wardrobe for work
B. You can finally start putting criminals behind bars
C. Now you can make money and defend celebrities
D. Now you might have more time to go out with your best friends
E. You can start focusing on work and not on your relationships
F. You'll get to finally tell all your friends back home that you're officially a lawyer

9. In my spare time, I like to:
A. Help my friends study, then go shopping
B. Hit the gym
C. There is no spare time in law school
D. Meet up with friends for dinner
E. Relax...I freak out too much over everything
F. school seems to be more difficult for me than for others

10. When I finally become a lawyer, I will probably need to work on...
A. Overcoming lame stereotypes
B. Not losing my motivation
C. Not losing sight of what's important in life
D. Being less cynical
E. Obsessing over my personal life
F. My courtroom etiquette

Take the quiz for now. What the answers mean coming soon...

Black Law Students / Re: For the ladies
« on: July 07, 2006, 09:03:57 AM »
reminds me of the movie Mona Lisa Smile... I think that a lot of women in our generation are getting married later than our parents...and aside from all the "where are the good black men" ::) articles the reality is that a lot of us are trying to jumpstart our careers before taking that marriage/family plunge... it is going to be hard to balance both career and family however I do not see it being me it's better to begin to establish yourself before you settle down because once the children are around the demanding aspects of being a career woman are going to have to go to the backburner (at least during the first few yrs)... unless there are those of you that plan on having nannies.. to be frank I have a problem with thinking of another woman raising my child just so that I can have my career...and once I get married and begin to have children..choosing between the two is never an option...the child will win each time.... and I've come too far to have a "house/husband" :D..that is not going to fly...

I agree... I come from a family with two working parents (Divorced). We were always the priority my parents would drop any and everything for me and my siblings. In turn I extended this unwavering support to my two younger siblings. Up until this point it has come in conflict with my education and BS jobs. I did indeed manage, but everything would be put on the backburner when it came to them. Anyhow one is in college he can fend for himself and the other is almost there. I can only imagine how intense raising my own children would be. Quite honestly I don't see how I would be able to be the parent I'd like to be and the career woman at the same time.  So until I can devote the time needed to be there (the way I see fit) I won't start a family.

For me that's dipping into the post thirty mark. This is late in terms of our parents and grandparents.

With that said I admire any woman who can balance both and I would never look down on one who chooses to stay at home.

Black Law Students / Re: For the ladies
« on: July 07, 2006, 06:30:49 AM »
How many of you ladies or fellas  would have a stay at home husband/wife?

Black Law Students / Re: For the ladies
« on: July 07, 2006, 06:19:05 AM »
I thought this thread was gonna be some nekkid pictures of that hot new poster, Jaz or whatever. Sucks.

:D No sorry, but if I get a hold of some....  ;)

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