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congrats but if u just barely passed how do u think you will pass the real one?  I dont mean to be pestimistic but the bar passage rates for people who are forced to take the baby bar are really low, if you just barely passed the baby bar I would suggest a different career.

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 08, 2006, 01:54:57 PM »
I agree totally law schools teach you to think like a lawyer, barbri teaches you to take the bar, also I question your alleged 170 lsat, with that type score money would not be an issue as most schools would give you a scholarship.  As far as my comments about 2 attempts for the bar, thats only for biglaw, no small to medium firm will give you that chance and no biglaw will hire a non aba (insurance company wouldn't let us even if we wanted to)

Distance Education Law Schools / Re: My Savior Duckasouras
« on: February 07, 2006, 11:15:00 PM »
My firm would never hire a non aba school (we would never even hire a bottom tier), big firms in California only hire from top tiered law school, and at that top ranked students from those, as far as failing the bar I know of NO firm who gives any associate more than two attempts at the bar. 

General Board / Re: Accepted to law school w/o undergrad degree?
« on: February 07, 2006, 11:04:05 PM »
cali technically offers that but i think no people did it this year, but you would be a fool to not get undergrad, any firm wants to see a good law school and although undergrad isnt as important the lack of one would raise a red flag.  As far as the 5 year thing I wouldnt be too worried although its true most schools average lsat scores, if they see one out of high school I doubt they would average it if you wrote a letter explaining it (or just have fun in college and take 5 yrs to graduate lol)  here is link showing cali stats (ABA is way to go though, after college degree)

Pointless Arguments / Re: Super Bowl predictions
« on: February 06, 2006, 01:01:13 PM »
id go get that change you gave to the homeless guy and give it to the reffs, pittsburg obviously paid the reffs enough but seattle forgot to

San Diego / Re: how's the meal plan at usd?
« on: February 03, 2006, 01:30:18 PM »
Most schools have the freshman 15, at USD they lose 15 pounds bc the food is HORRIBLE, dont do it eat off campus or bring food.

Pointless Arguments / Re: Annoying classmates
« on: February 02, 2006, 07:10:41 PM »
you guys seem really angry but are hilarious.  You should just do what I did and drink a beer sit in the back and laugh at the idiots then talk *&^% about them to everyone else, fun times.

If you want the inside scoop on salaries go to

3L job search / Re: do law schools hire their own students?
« on: February 02, 2006, 06:48:02 PM »
Ive only heard of this happening to boost their rankings.  They hire the bottom of the class to low paying jobs to be able to report a higher percent are working within 6 months of graduation.  Alumni on the other hand often hire from their schools.

Transferring / Re: Transferring from 4th Tier
« on: February 02, 2006, 06:44:32 PM »
i transferred from cal west to usd and was ranked in top 15%.  There were probably 15 of us who got in from cal western, only 1 from thomas jefferson so not only does rank matter but what 4th tier school.

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