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A very interesting thread indeed.

Current Law Students / Re: Anon LS Dean here taking questions...
« on: January 20, 2006, 10:21:56 PM »
Why are 1L grades released weeks after the 2L and 3L grades?

Is this really the case? Are you suggesting they're doing it on purpose? At my school grades are released pretty much at the same time for all years ..

I for one have heard about the Sicilian Mafia (and/or its branches in the US,) people who are tightly bound through blood and marriage, making the organization extremely difficult to penetrate. When caught in midst of such a horror, a person trying to escape from his/her responsibilites s/he is supposed to fulfil as a member of the family, has definitely a difficult time to do so. I am not sure what kind of proof you have to document the blood vendettas going on between the families involved, but it looks like you definitely have a claim, at least theoretically, to be granted asylum in the US. Good Luck To You!

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