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Current Law Students / talking to prof about grade
« on: January 09, 2006, 10:16:51 PM »
so we got grades, and i did fairly well, however in the class that i felt the best about after leaving the final, i did the worst, and another class where i was happy to pass, i did pass and then some, is this common, i know its all curved, so everyone thought they did well on a test, and someone has to get the c, and yet another class where my essay was very disorganized, addressed issues in not the proper order, i got a really good grade, so question is should i ask to talk with the prof to see what was wrong, whether it was substantive, or just didnt like my writing, or the class was jsut that tight that a little theing missed is big?  i dont care to argue it at all, just note what i did wrong and correct it next time.

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