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Definitely respond and definitely show interest in attending the school.  I was waitlisted at numerous schools when I applied and did end up getting into GULC off of the waitlist...but it wasn't until mid- to late June that they notified me.  In the case of GULC, at least, they sent an email a few days before accepting me off the waitlist asking if I was still interested.  I'm not saying that this is the purpose of this particular letter you received, but it may mean that the waitlist has moved and they are contacting everyone on the list to see who is still interested. 

Anyway, good luck!

Pursuing an LLM / NYU LL.M. in Environmental Law
« on: May 10, 2010, 09:33:30 AM »
I was just recently admitted to NYU's new LL.M. program in Environmental Law but haven't found much info about it online anywhere except on NYU's webpage.  Anyone else around here in the program?  Have any thoughts about it?

I'm already in NYC, if anyone else is, and would like to meetup sometime prior to Sept., let me know.  Otherwise, see you in the Fall!

Many native english speakers find it hard to keep up with the amount of reading required.  It's literally all you do first year... so telling ad coms that it takes you a long time to read may not be the best way to persuade them to admit you.  163 is around 90th percentile?  That's still respectable and will get you into many good schools.  Spend the time writing your diversity essay well and you'll give yourself a much better shot.  Talk about how, even though English is not your first language, you still managed a 3.9, etc.

Nice job, Rod!  :)  I take it you don't have any doubts about attending?

This seems like a good example of when an addendum is perfectly appropriate.  Keep it short and to the point... you probably wouldn't need anything much longer than a couple of paragraphs.  "I was clinically depressed and my grades suffered.  I saw a psychiatrist and received treatment.  As you can see from my transcript, my grades have markedly improved.  The end." 

It's generally advised that you do NOT use it as the main topic for your PS.  Your personal statement should highlight the positives and if your overcoming this situation fits in with that, than maybe you can mention it as part of your essay, but don't dwell.  Just my two cents...

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: NYU
« on: June 23, 2006, 08:22:03 PM »
Mine arrived today...

So I found out today that I'm in at GULC off the waitlist!!  :o ;D  When should I expect my HOF plaque?  ;)

Did anyone else in the "shorten" waitlist group receive another email asking to confirm your interest again and that they will be contacting you by the 20th?

I got this email last week and found out today I am IN!!   :o :o ;D

Number6, you said you hadn't received the first email....have you heard anything?

My understanding is that the school does not know or care.  Your personal finances are your responsibility.  You are able to take out a personal line of credit or home equity loan or any other kind of loan you would like and it will not affect your student loan amount.  You can only take out the stipulated amount in student loans that your school budgets for you, however. 

Anybody else not get this e-mail yesterday?

Without jinxing myself, I haven't received any email recently either.  The last email I did receive said "we should know more by June 7".  I'm still waiting to see if this turns out to be a good thing or a bad thing.  :-\

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