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I was looking at the facebook discussion, and I was wondering how many of you all are planning on using/getting macs. I'm thinking about getting one of the new laptops that came out on Tuesday.

So not looking forward to the physical.


Ehh, all the stuff from Gannett Student Health. Immunization records make sense, but the requirement for a physical was kind of odd. Anyway, getting mine done this week since the deadline is next.

I'm a Hughes person, but I guess Quail and others are looking for a giant law house type thing.

On the LSD meetup note, we should all wear nametags with our monikers. I think it would be funny for people to randomly ask Groundhog or Quailman what's up after class. 8)

So not looking forward to the physical.

It's only ok to run Vista if you have a mac. ;)

Seriously, though, I think those are minimums. Unless someone heard ExamSoft doesn't run on Vista or something, I think Vista's fine.

I'm very, very afraid.

I'm another Californian afraid of the cold, and I also have a car. Any advice on cold weather stuff? I'm going to need to get chains and such?

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: take home pay?
« on: May 23, 2007, 03:36:58 PM »
Muy bien.

General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: take home pay?
« on: May 23, 2007, 03:36:29 PM »

Geez, where have you been?

first off, eww.

but I don't understand your comment. What did I have to do with you seeing tubgirl?

Are you really playing the "no one can force you to look" card? Or are you not aware that the girl shitting on her own face is tubgirl?

<===so confused. I just posted a picture of a chick in a bikini doing a cartwheel saying "look at me, I'm an attention whore!" I don;t know where tubgirl came in. (I do know of tubgirl)

I'm going to kill you. I'm already crazy enough without your nonsense.

(This reminds me of how sometimes I like to call my girlfriend Kim. That is not her name; I just like to pretend that she's gone crazy)

So you're trying to make me think I've gone crazy? Dead serious, you have me very confused right now. Do you not see a girl doing a cartwheel on the beach?

You hotlinked it and they don't like that, so they tubgirl people who hotlink images on their domain—you just already had it in the cache. It looks like tubgirl to everyone else.

Has anyone heard back about their Hughes status yet?

I'm fairly certain that you don't find that out until mid-summer.  That really sucks too, because if you don't get it, then you have to deal with finding an apartment (what I ended up doing).

I was poking around the housing website and logged into my account (I applied online).  Under the application tab, it reads "Room Reservation: HUGH L06-1," which I assume is good news.  I seem to remember the rooms having odd numbers like L06-1 (I'm guessing that indicates floor, suite, and room within suite maybe).

 If you have a username/password, you may want to check it out. 

Thanks for the info, Pelikan2!  I got "HUGH G12-1"!  I wonder if there's any way we can find out the size of the rooms...

Maybe we're neighbors!       Room Reservation: HUGH G10-1

Where should I go next fall? / Re: The USC '10 Thread
« on: May 13, 2007, 06:25:34 AM »
Update: permits are refundable, and I did get one in PS1. however I also called Admissions and they said they will be sending parking info later, and my friends at SC law said they reserve parking for 1Ls so I didnt even have to do it yet. They take care of it for you, and that happens later. Oh well.

You're on top of things!  :)

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