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I went home for the weekend and because it's less than a mile from USC, I decided to head over and check out the the area around the law apartments and the campus on the way to the law school. It was Sunday, so not too many people were around, and I apologize for the overcast in the pictures; even LA is gray in the winter sometimes. Here's the location of the apartments:,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90007&layer=&sll=34.027677,-118.289001&sspn=0.008083,0.017059&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=17&ll=34.028398,-118.288389&spn=0.008082,0.017059

A map of USC can be found here:

I started at the law apartments and walked through campus to the law school, taking pictures. The apartments are located on 29th Street and Ellendale Place, and I walked down Orchard Ave immediately in front of them to campus. I entered at Jefferson and McClintock before wandering through campus to the law school.

Viewed from the side on Ellendale Place, the Terrace Apartments are the home of the residential law program.

Bikes and cars are parked in the front of the Terrace apartments, and residents can apply to park in the garage to the right.

USC students walk down Ellendale Place, adjacant to the Terrace apartments.

The USC campus is a short walk down Orchard Avenue from the front of the apartments.

Jefferson Boulevard abuts USC's campus, seen from the end of Orchard Ave. on this side of USC.

Pedestrians await the crosswalk at the McClintock and Jefferson entrance to campus.

The McClintock entrance to campus greets visitors with a sign.

The turn east on Child's Way led me past the University bookstore, towards Hahn Plaza and Tommy Trojan.

Tommy Trojan vows to fight on.

I turned right at the fountain towards the law school.

The kiosk on the left informs Trojans to fight on, among other things like the date and time.

Another fountain graces the approach to the USC Law School.

I was much more calm approaching these doors than the last time, when I took the LSAT.

I'm on sort of a random tangent and curious about what others think. UC Davis does last name, which I find professional, but other schools that use my first often feel more personal.

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