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Current Law Students / Re: After the Exam, How does an A exam feel??
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:03:20 AM »
Well, I got an A on one, and really, I felt the same as I did after each one... exhausted and ready to drink a beer in front of sportscenter.. LOL

Well, my lawschool is really, really, REALLY rough on grading. Our curve is hell, and an 85 will put you at top 40-30%.

I will say this, My favorite class was also my lowest grade, at a C. After talking to the professor, he said that my analysis was good, but the wear and tear of the test got to me. The test was a 24 hour take home. at 12th hour all of us were finishing the first Q we decided to do. I ended up with a C bc at the last Q I basically just laid out the rule and application, which ended up screwing me in the end, bc he said my first two questions were stellar and near top score. I got tired, and the test beat me. I am not all that daunted though.

My torts grade was best, and I was near the top of the class (10). It was a traditional exam though, sitting in the room with the little exam books. I honestly prefer those bc you dont second guess yourself with the material the way that you are led to do with an open book, IMO.

My other grade fell right about mid-line and got me a B avg.

So really, I think that the C you got isnt going to KILL your chances, nor will it make you unemployable. As said above, after 5 years, all thats going to matter is your last case and your ability to do your job; grades wont mean *&^% at that point.

Current Law Students / Re: Girlfriend Problems
« on: December 18, 2005, 09:24:14 PM »
my chick has issues about law school too. Dude, you have to be hard nosed about it, tell her that this is yur career and your life and that she needs to stop with the BS and understand that. I been with mine for 3-4 yrs and I know ill prolly keep her, at the same time, I dont have time for BS when im this under pressure.

I try to do something nice, on my time, and when i make a move like that I move big. It doesnt need to be expensive... just well done...

I am PRAYING that my exams went well, i had to deal with my gf in my little ass apt. in DC, during dead week. Do you have any idea how annoying an attention seeking chick gets in a small room? I dealt with it though, switch hours, work while she sleeps, or send her to town. Im a 1L to top it off.

honestly, if something like ur chick is getting on u, ask yourself if shes long term, if she is worth it, and if your possible shattered dreams and working at bestbuy are worth it... then dump her ass.

Current Law Students / Re: Do you hate law?
« on: December 18, 2005, 08:59:30 PM »
well. After a first semester, battered bruised and beaten, but alive, I can say that I have a profound respect and a bit of love for the law... a bit... hopefully it will get better. I just hope i did well this semester.

I tend to book brief... I HATE having to sit there and pick and pluck, on the other hand, when you book biref, and maybe follow it up with a reasonable brief on the comp, it kinda helps you draw the stuff out of the case that you need... I learned how to brief from reading through high courts, my legal meth teacher didnt exactly show us how to brief all that well... erh...

Current Law Students / Re: battered 1L would like advice.
« on: September 28, 2005, 06:40:27 PM »
I go to howard, theres a different philosophy here, were in sections and aside from legal writing were encouraged to coroborate and help each other... were building social engineers, thats what the pamphlets say anyways... I like my group, its 4 chicks.... and its more a discussion of the topic to see if we know if rather than studying or rote memorizing... if that makes sense.

As for flames of that sort, people have their opinions, I cant say I ever want to go to an educational institution where people are so vindictive and petty...

Current Law Students / Re: battered 1L would like advice.
« on: September 28, 2005, 11:54:47 AM »
Ive gotten some entertainment for class, bringing one of my PC games to class, nothing like playing couterstrike in legal methods... which is the biggest F'n waste of time on earth! Thanks for the advice.. I think im gonna stop focusing on the socratic bull and just stick to my books and stuff. Im gonna treat myself well this weekend, go to a movie or get a bottle of scotch to complement my camels... yyou guys are awesome... thanks... law school love yo

Current Law Students / battered 1L would like advice.
« on: September 27, 2005, 10:52:30 AM »
Hello all:

I am in the begining of my 2nd month of my 1L 1st semester. I feel lost, frightened, and rather confused at all times. I study at the library about 7 hours a night on avg, (2pm - 9 or 10) and on the weekends spend my days there. I feel as if I am not catching the socratic method and feel almost bogged down with the material as the teacher doesnt necc. say much towards it but allows people to kind of compass their way to a possible answer. I dont sleep much, my smoking habit that was all but gone has flared to a pack a day, and I barely eat. I find it difficult to concentrate and have a sinking feeling and extreme fear of failure. Being completely honest here. I read all of my stuff, stay slightly ahead, and when I study in my study group and were orally going over the material, Im quite quick and it s hows that the material is sinking in, but in class, I feel lost, and far too tempted by the internet. I tend to turn of my WLAN so that I dont have the option to surf. I have study guides and notecards that really help me understand, but once again, teh class methods just throw me off. My favorite classes are civ pro and writing, I dislike torts and contracts mostly because my teachers seem more disinterested in the subject matter than the stoner in the back row... Id greatly appreciate any advice you guys can give to help me out in getting over these rather unpleasant and foreboding feelings. I dont like it and would really like to succeed in this endeavor. Please Advise.

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