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Current Law Students / Re: We're almost done with 1L year!
« on: April 27, 2006, 07:53:48 PM »

Tuesday, Baby!!!

GOD LET ME f-in PASS!!!!!

Current Law Students / Re: "Getting to Maybe"
« on: April 24, 2006, 10:44:56 AM »
i read it 1st sem. and I found it somewhat helpful, but much like many "how to do law school exam" books, it leaves out the fact that 80% of your profs. will want you to IRAC or CRUPAC

KISS man, KEEP IT SIMPLY STATED. Give your rule, apply it to the facts, and if you want bonus points, pop off with some precedent case law. I think that my torts grade last semester was a result of case quoting as well as iracing. Even if you dont know the case name, give a brief facts synopsis.. and if you do it right, youll be rewarded.

stick to a hobby you like, keep good positive company, smoke a lot of camels, drink a LOT of redbull, work out, masterbate, go out at least 1 time a month to the poorest area of town and look at the people, remind yourself that you dont want to be there/go back there...

Oh yea, asian threesomes work well

Current Law Students / Re: Burn Out
« on: April 23, 2006, 02:09:10 PM »
dont fret buddy,

I had a 24 hour civ pro in dec, a REAL ballbuster.. just take the advice here, a few hours off is just what you need... nap, eat a pizza, play a video game, whatever... just calm down.. then pick up the book and have at it.

I had that exam on my 23 birthday, which really sucked.. but later that night i treated myself to a new york strip steak and a few beers.... I got an 87 on my torts exam and an 85 in my contracts... civ went well as well... just chill


Ill be quick as I have a burly property final to finish prepping for:

I think that an individual does have rights, as stated by our constitution... I think that these rights should be unencroachable to the largest extent without damaging the fiber of society. If the high court wishes to construe marriage and sex as privacy issues and fundamental, as they have in a plethora of cases (prenumbra of rights... etc. Griswold, Roe, Lawrence, etc. id.) then the next logical progression down that road would be to allow them to do as they want. (shooting for shits and giggles, playing devils advocate).
The reality of the situation is that aside from Lawrence, which decriminalized gay sex and "sodomy", leaving it to the privacy of the individuals, "sodomy" was also the name of many other inter-hetero sexual acts. A blow job, doggystyle,threesomes, etc. can all be construed, and were construed by the states as sodomy. My residency state of Florida had a 10 year penalty for such acts, although it was rarely enforced but it WAS the law. 
I feel if the Supreme court, as the ultimate guardian to out rights and privileges, will construe gay marriage as legal, by sight or by error, then so be it.

My own believes aside, I am a roman catholic of cuban descent. I do not agree with the idea, as it is contrary to my religious indoctrination, but I scarcely believe it is my place, or my business to vehemently object to people's happiness. I will say this however, it stops at that point. I do not have a particular like or dislike to gays, lesbians and or trannies. I think that they are going contrary to the laws of nature (male + female = children, breeding and furthering the human genome is the POINT of life at a biological level. In the end, when you die, all your money, cars, suits, or what have you do not go with you... they either go to your children, heirs, or escheat to the state.) and IF my religious teachings are correct, they will answer for their actions later. Regardless of that, I feel no desire or compelling interest in making their lives harder by demeaning them or their happiness. I know people that would want my head on a post bc Im going to marry a black jamaican woman... something which many people consider to be mysogeny. I think that it would be highly hipocritical of me in all senses to feel one aspect of "taboo relationships" are ok, because I engage in it, and that another, which I do not play a party to is unequivocably wrong. I t hink that many of the same people who oppose gay marriage now were opposing the Loving v. Virginia decision that allowed interracial marriage, and the abortion decision, etc. As for abortion I think that if it is necessary it should be allowed, but not encouraged, nor should it be abused as a birth control method as some inethical people decide to do, I do not believe it is a FUNDAMENTAL right, but an offshoot of self determination and autonomy, and treated as such. At the same time I will not call a woman who has an abortion a killer, whore, or any other derogatory term bc I feel its just ignorant to do so. I mean, what are you achieving aside from ostracizing the person?

Further, I will say that one of the reasons why I oppose gay marriage on a personal level are the policy implications, 2 men will ALWAYS make more money that two women at the same job level, educational level, etc. Also, insurance, death, and taxation issues... how will we contend with the anomalies that will eventually arise from this? What of adoption and children? There are two arguments... that a child mimics the parents and will do as they do - so the kid sees two gay guys in the house all days and follows suit, OR that our instincts are innate, and a young boy will look for vagina when time comes... The problem is that there is no empirical evidence, neutral enought for me to consider that leans to either side in a conclusive manner. As such, I dont try to have a perceived superiority, nor a magical answer to either. My cousin danny would skip rope and play hopscotch as a kid while the rest of my cousins and myself played sports and cops and robbers, I think there is a degree of evidence that some poeple are born that way, but then I know people (men and women) who just got tired of being ignored by the opposite sex, and tried something different, liked it, and stuck to it. As I said before, difficult choices to make a ruling on.

My last thoughts on this issue before i return to the world of marital interests is this: If living in conjunction with each other in a society inherently results in us giving up some of our rights for the greater good, what of this situation? I can say honestly and with conviction, that I find ANYONE, Homosexual or otherwise that shoves their beliefs down my throat to be annoying, and generally I abhor these people. I believe there is a fine line where we must live and let live, and ALL sides have to play by this rule. I do not see the purpose of making special rules for special people and further creating suspect classes and invidious characterizations to further stratify society. If a gay guy wants to whale on his manfriend at night, dude, do your thing; just dont expect me to like it, agree with you, or argue for your rights. I will treat you as my equal until you give me a reason not to. This goes for race, religion, sex, etc. I find it sickening that some people try to force you to accept their beliefs and values... our rights denote a deference to TOLERANCE, not acceptance. I have to deal with you, not like you. As for the misguided and often zealotous members of my faith that bomb abortion clinics, and make everyone's life harder for them, I think they are no better than the feminine hygiene product islamic terrorists that want to force us into their frame of thought through fear. To that I say that getting something you want through fear, sowing dissent, threat of force, or other objectional means is terrorism, no matter who you are, where your from, or by what name you call God.

I hope this has answered your question. Feel free to message me if you wish to inquire further.

Cheers, and good luck in finals.


I dont know if I am the only one here with this opinion. I try to take it with a grain of salt. Honestly, I cant think of another profession I want to be in, but as I prepare for finals, and I just took one; I find myself feelings "I have prepared to the utmost of my ability, and that is the most I can do. I killed myself last semester, and I got the grades that I did, right in the middle more or less, based on the fact that I spent so much time upset.

I do this to relaxx, maybe itll help yall:

at least 1 weekend a month, go out and have a good time with a friend... it doesnt need to be someone from the law school.

Dont avoid work until the last minute

talk to your teachers.

I may get flamed for that... but its what works for  me... and whatever will happen will be it.

Current Law Students / Re: caught for plagiarism at my school
« on: March 01, 2006, 07:42:34 AM »
IDK dude, this is a pretty serious issue for ya... I know that my school gives you the option of leaving, admitting and taking your licks, or dragging your name in the mud in a very public fashion within the school should you fight...

As for the OP, you've pretty much admitted to cheating; admirable for admitting... I consider this to be foolish, but admirable. Considering that they may not have been wholly certain as to who was the perpetrator of the offense, you could have gotten off.

I have a personal bias though, I dont condone plag or cheating at all... I honestly dont know if you will be able to continue your legal career and not have grace issues later with CF, bar, hiring, etc.

Current Law Students / Re: Your Typical Law Student Out There
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:18:31 AM »
How about the Spike Lee wanna be who refers to the white man as evil and insists that criminal law didnt exist until the emancipation proclamation?

Current Law Students / Re: Time management tips
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:06:15 AM »
My school doesnt allow IL to get into the groups. You are allowed to try out towards the end of 2d semester, but not allowed to be part of the group until 2L year.

I think it is a good policy, bc 2d semester for us is 21 creds.

Current Law Students / Re: Civil Procedure Exam
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:04:17 AM »
Rule 11 definitely, maybe some of the discovery rules

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