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General Board / Re: Can I Get A Job in NYC after Graduating?
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:36:32 PM »
That's an understandable question.  I interviewed at a bunch of firms for summer associate positions, but nothing panned out. It was very frustrating. Perhaps my interviewing skills needed some work, though I thought most of them went pretty well.  It appeared that to get a SA job in NYC from my law school (Buffalo), you needed to either be on the law review or have straight A's.  I also did a fair amount of interviewing at upstate new york firms (Buffalo, Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, etc.), but nothing came of them...It seemed that the upstate new york firms, especially those in Buffalo and Rochester, were looking for students who hailed from those cities.

During the interview with the magistrate judge, he came right out and asked me if this was a back up plan. I had to answer in the affirmative.

I figured that clerking for a judge would place me in a better position to get a big law job (not Cravath or Sullivan, but you know what i mean...) than would be working at a 3-5 person Buffalo firm for $8 /hr.  (Though, as it turned out, I guess beggers shouldn't be choosey).

(Note: At Buffalo, LR selection is based on 50% grades and 50% casenote...which makes it possible to be in the top 10%, but not be on law review.)

I got you. Well I still think you'll be able to get a job after graduation in NYC if you keep your grades up and really hit the pavement. You just won't be handed it on a platter. Good luck.


Dude...a book for a birthday? I'd think twice about that one.

Far be it from me to give relationship advice, but I'd buy her something other than a book.

Do buy her the Black's Law book. But just don't buy it for her birthday present. (or at least don't let that be the ONLY thing you give her) That's a sure fired way not to get laid. (and we all know that's the only reason that guys give girls anything on their birthdays)

General Board / Re: Can I Get A Job in NYC after Graduating?
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:11:07 PM »
It's a magistrate judge. 

Do you mind if I ask why you didn't try to get a SA position for your 2L summer? A magistrate judge is good.....but you can do that type of work during the school year. Why no summer associate position? This may hurt you more than help you. If it was an internship with a COA judge, then yeah it would help...but a magistrate judge with no SA experience....I don't know.

If you're in the top 10% of your class and on Moot Court at Buffalo or Syracuse you should have been able to get a SA job with a decent firm in NYC.

General Board / Re: And Done.
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:06:05 PM »
2 finals down, 2 to go. Then I'm finished with Law school forever. Too bad my last final is Friday and I graduate Saturday. Those Mothafukas!

General Board / Re: Can I Get A Job in NYC after Graduating?
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:04:42 PM »
I'm a 2L at a T2 law school in New York State (upstate). I'm in the top 10% of my class, moot court board, and will be clerking for a federal judge this summer...Will I have a chance to land a job in NYC after graduating, or is this too lofty a goal for my situation. 


General Board / Re: CUNY Queens College School of Law
« on: April 26, 2008, 07:02:29 PM »
This is a question better asked on the Pre-law board or on the CUNY specific board. You will get more answers there.

General Board / Re: WTF is up with the site?
« on: April 25, 2008, 10:45:21 AM »
thanks guys.  i was worried law school would be hard, but you confirmed my hypothesis that law students are just whiny little bitches.

nah, law students just dont like to converse with arrogant pricks that arent in law school, at least not on a forum called lawschooldiscussions. 

plus, this law school sh*t is mad boring and LSD used to be a decent distraction from the misery.

And now we're forced to listen to a bunch of jackasses who have a false sense of acomplishment about being "admitted" to schools, when in fact they haven't earned *&^% yet.

General Board / Re: Law Review Write-On Competition
« on: April 22, 2008, 08:08:33 PM »
The last page or so has been very amusing.  I love it when the person who started throwing dirt subsequently claims that she'll be taking the high road.

Me?  I was only responding to Budlaw's suggestion that the "0Ls" "go over to [their] ridiculous side and offer useless advice" and his dismay that the boards were being merged.  If you don't consider this douchebaggery, I don't know what to tell you.   

Really how is it "douchebaggery?" The pre-law board is filled with ridiculous information. I could provide links if you like. Also, most people on the pre-law side DO offer useless advice. How many times can you regurgitate the same garbage about "how to get into lawschool?" Or "will I be able to get a Biglaw job coming from Cooley?" Or "you should re-take the LSAT and try to get a higher score."

But hey... the only people I see complaining about my comment are the ones who do hang out in the ridiculous la la land known as the "pre-law" side, and are the same people who continue to offer the same useless advice that has been repeated 30 thousand times.

General Board / Re: Law Review Write-On Competition
« on: April 21, 2008, 09:22:48 PM »
If you're not in lawschool now, (i.e.  Mahler, etc. ) can you please not comment on this side of the board. Go over to your ridiculous side and offer useless advice please. Thanks.   

God they need to get this board fixed. Why the f*ck are 0L's over here?

Hey a-hole, this is the PRE-law side of the board.  Why don't you go over to YOUR side.

Technically this is the "Students and Graduates" side. It's under the general board on this side. There is no "general board" on the pre-law side.

Again, the boards are being combined.  "Your" side shows up in "our" unreads.  It's the future.  Live it.

I've noticed that. However, there are STILL two distinct sides. Just because something is in an "unread post" doesn't mean that its still not in a seperate section.

I think "Law Review write-on competition" would have signaled to you that this topic was aimed at current students. NOT pre-law people.

Oh well. I've got to get back to studying so I won't be a student any longer. I guess I'll have to stop posting then. That or I could spend all summer in front of a computer trying to post as many times as you guys. Of course, if I ever had more than 1000 posts, I might kill myself.

Seriously though, do you guys ever interact socially with anyone in real life? Do you guys go out in the sun? This is a legitimate question.

Do you realize how much of a twat you are?

And an idiot, to boot.

See you guys resorted to name calling. I will take the high road. But, let me throw out some numbers about your pathetic lives.

You Mr. Hairless Guinea Pig have spent over 51 days logged onto lawschooldiscussion since the begining of 2007. 51 days. That's almost two months of your life behind a computer screen. (and you wonder why I asked if you ever interacted socially with people)

But don't feel bad, you've got nothing on "Miss P" He/She has spent over 153 days online since the end of 2005. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE DAYS!!!! HA!

By contrast, in roughly the same amount of time as "Miss P," I have spent almost 4 days online. (which is actually kinda frightening to know that I've wasted 4 days of my life logged onto this thing)

Well I guess I'd rather be a "twat" and an "idiot" than be a social outcast who spent 51 days online (or god forbid 153 days).

But back to real-life now. 

And I'm the twat?

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