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U of California - Hastings / Re: Class of 2008
« on: July 02, 2005, 02:53:06 AM »
I thought maybe I could get this discussion going again, perhaps make a few contacts before I make my way to SF. I'll be attending Hastings come August and I'm really excited for all of the opportunities to become involved outside of class in the legal arena. I learned a lot durning undergrad in terms of the importance of contacts, and these opportunities to rub elbows with city officials, judges, etc. will come in very handy when looking for work.

And thats what it always comes back Where, when, and what is the essence of our existence. I think I'm giving up law, and I'm pursuing my interest in becoming a Super Hero instead.

So what has you all jazzed about Hastings and the study of law? Its true, but all of us probably are Boalt/Standford/UCLA rejects and so have we all merely "ended up" at Hastings, no excitement for our institution. Afterall, it is 'our' institution now, from here on out we shall regard Hastings with Pride and Reverence...we graduated Thomas Messerau for the god sakes and if he doesn't scream integrity and pride, then I don't know what.

i'm a cal grad, 2L at hastings--just wandering onto your conversation :)... yes it's true, many people at hastings are boalt/stanford rejects, but i think once you start classes and see how rigorous the classes are, how smart your classmates are, you forget about your law school application and focus on what's ahead. you realize you will be a good lawyer, and make money or contribute to the public good regardless of which school you go to. i really wouldn't sweat it. there's enough difficulties you will face in life than worry about ratings and such. if you want to worry about it, fine. put that competitive energy into something positive: try get good grades your first two semesters, then transfer. honestly if you keep worrying you will expend precious energy that you need to focus on your work.

what has me jazzed up about hastings is that it is a public school with exceptional faculty (who, by the way, we often share with boalt/stanford/golden gate/usf), and classmates who will make you proud. it is california's first public law school and even served as the de facto law school for Hawaii until 1970s (so if you have any inclination to practice in Hawaii, know that you will be much more welcome than any other mainland grads). hastings also has the most number alums sitting as judges in california courts (i think something like 1/3 of them are from hastings) which is real nice when you're applying for those clerkships.

good luck with your first semester!

U of California - Hastings / Re: Hastings - A Very Competitive School
« on: July 02, 2005, 02:33:19 AM »
i'm a 2L at hastings and i was worried about its reputation as a cutthroat school too, but it really hasnt been my experience at all. people want to do well and study hard, but imagine that's how it is in most law schools. i've heard that the quality of students at hastings have increased over the last few years (probably due to the bad job market) so perhaps the students are less likely to have a chip on their shoulder. i went to undergrad at cal (01 grad) and over a 1/3 of my class came from berkeley, so i just felt really at home intellectually and socially.

i like hastings. san francisco is great (even if you do live in the tower). the only thing that i dont like is that it is only a law school with no undergrad or other graduate programs. it is isolating, and it affects the quality of students' non-academic experience: e.g. small gym, low-tech administration, small/understaffed medical services etc.

good luck,

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