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Let me know if you need any help with the picnic planning, I'd be happy to do what i can.

Arkansas - Little Rock / Re: Gyms
« on: July 08, 2005, 07:44:59 AM »
If you are talking about what part of Little Rock, it really doesn't matter for hair salons, but the west side or near the law school for a gym.


Arkansas - Little Rock / Gyms
« on: July 06, 2005, 10:30:29 AM »
for people who live in the area:
Does anyone have any suggestions for good gyms and/or hair salons/stylists in the area?  Not really related to law school...

My name is Jena,I'm 23, I'm going to be in the full time division for the Fall.  I live right outside Washington, DC in Maryland.  I went to UMD and majored in Enviro Science and Policy.  I've mostly worked in politics but did a small stint in consulting for the Dept of Def.  I

I'm not currently looking for a roomie, but I thought I would share my experiences since I did the apt search recently.  I got my roommate through my sorority's alum association, which is a really good resource if any of you were Greek. 

As far as apts, we looked at quite a few buildings, but in the end decided on Ashburry at Chenal.  It is a little far out on the west side, off of Chenal Parkway, but it is a really nice place, has a pool, tanning bed, fitness facility etc.  Since I haven't moved in yet, but my roommate has, i can't comment too much on living there, but she likes it so far.  We got a 2 bed, 2bath for what i considered a good price.  We looked at a couple of other buildings closer to town, but couldn't find the right apt.  One of the one's we looked at closer to downtown was really well landscaped, but it seemed to be a facade, because it was pretty crappy on the inside of the apts considering the price.  And i think they charged for more than one parking space. 

one note for you out of towners, seems like most apts dont cover utilities at all!  Factor that in when you look at the price.  Most apts in the DC area include a couple of utilities, so I was rather surprised.

Also, for you Part Timers, don't forget to ask for employer discounts, alot of buildings offer them depending on where you work.  My roommate works for the Dept of Treasury, and we got like $20 per month off of the rent, not much, but it is a nice bonus. 

That's all I can think of for now, Any other questions, feel free to ask.  Look forward to meeting all of you.
- Jena

I am thinking about having a barbeque or something at my apartment in early August.  I don't move out to AR until the end of July, so I have to take care of that first.   ::)I'll let everyone know when I figure out the details. 
- Jena

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