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Because that's what your professor wants.
Don't get caught up in whether you think it's a good way to teach criminal law. Your professor is going to test you on the Model Penal Code, so suck in your frustration and just do it.
And a 'welcome to the message board' to you too.
I'm not suggesting it's a bad teaching method. In fact, I quite like my professor and so far it's been a fascinating, enjoyable class. But recently I've gotten confused. I just want to understand what I am studying, and I thought if I had a frame of reference, it would help me.

Hello all, I am a freshly hatched 1L taking Criminal Law. It was making sense there for a while, but now I am truly confused. My professor is having us compare elements of statutes against the MPC definitions, in order to establish mens rea. I think. If the MPC is not law, then why are we doing this? I don't inderstand/know what the overarrching goal is here. Can anyone offer guidance?

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