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Thanks for all of the advice, its been extremely helpful. I got in touch with an apartment locator service for help. I'll let you know if they give any good reccomendations.  Have any of you heard of Barrister's Court? I got a brochure with my acceptance letter. It seems to be located right next to the school. The rent is reasonable, $475/month including the basic utilities, but the apt is only 360 sq ft. I think that is way tooo small. But if I can't find anything else, I'll probably move there.

In terms of employment, I am going to be in the part time program as well. One of my biggest concerns about accepting their offer of admission was being able to support myself financially. I talked w/ Dean Wood about it. She said that the career services office will be able to assist. Most of the listings are for 2L's or 3L's, but she said that firms and other companies will contact the law school looking for students of all levels. She also said that many students don't work at law firms and she didn't think any of us will have a problem finding a job. Personally, I think I'm going to work from like 9am-2pm or 8am-12pm and plan on studying for most of the afternoon.

Here's a little info about me....
I'm originally from New Haven, Ct. In 2003, I recieved a BA in African American Studies from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I've been working for two years as a Commercial Casualty Claims Rep for Nationwide Insurance in Atlanta. I've never been to Little Rock, but from what I've heard, its ok. I'm also in the part time program and look forward to meeting you all soon.


Im not looking for a roommate, but I need a place to live. Any suggestions???????


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