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so lj, you aren't even considering WI?  Madison is a great place for kids, and they do LOVE you.  (They offer hardly any merit money, so if you got some, they really really want you!)

just to clarify, the wisc $$ is need-based, not merit based but still pretty cool as that school has so little $ to give to out-of-staters.

so yes, I am considering Wisconsin as well, though I'm mostly looking at w&L and Fordham.  In fact, I think Wisconsin is where my man would rather move than Lexington.  so the choice is killing me.  Some days I think I should be going to UIUC, I liked it there too!

So sorry to everyone who is waiting for me to w/d from the schools I don't want.  But I just can't decide and it's driving me nuts.

Any advice here?  I'm WL at UVA - and other great schools, but UVA is my special favorite as I grew up in C'ville and went to UVA undergrad.

Is it foolish to hold out hope that I could transfer as a 2L?  Would attending Fordham PT as a 1L be a probelm?  Should I go to W&L 1L instead if I wish to try to transfer?

oh, bump.

I'm on the WL at so many schools, most of which would likely trump the schools I'm in at:

UT Austin


chances of getting in of the WL?  Not so sure, so I'm trying to make this decision as though I will NOT be offered a spot...

bump.  I'm leaning towards Fordham myself, hadn't considered taking Cardozo's scholarship offer.  The rankings change things but not too much.

Also, I'm in the neverending internal debate as to whether to go to W&L over Fordham.  I'm cool w/ the southern thing, and W&L is ranked better - but I feel like Fordham has a lot to offer in NYC.

Looking forward to more thoughts on this.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Deferred at Fordham
« on: March 30, 2006, 06:40:24 AM »
I was deferred as well, and offered a PT spot after indicting in my response that I would take either.  Judging from law school numbers, I don't think all that many people were offered this option.  The PT class is only 120 or so students so there's not much wiggle room there.  Note the asst dean kept saying how its frustrating because many of their classrooms hold only 40 students, others only 80, which is why the sections are broken into 40 students each.  Its not in their culture to hold classes starting before 9am, so they're pretty stuck if too many accepted students choose to attend, they simply wont have enough seats in the classrooms for them.

At the open house, the school seemed to give a nod to the fact that the evening class consists at least partly of folks who would otherwise have qualified for the day program, and they seem to be attmepting to integrate them some.  It felt like PT would have the same opportunities as the FT to me.  And sorry, but it did sound like there weren't PT spots left as of right now either but that wasn't explicitly stated.

As a ray of hope, it does seem (on here and on LSN) as though most students have many many acceptances.  I myself have 9, and 4 waitlists, so there is the very real possibility that the schools will all have really low yeilds this year, there's just no telling.  The dean was working from metrics over the past few years, and he said that last year he predicted yeild to within 4 students (excellent at a 500+ student school).  This year, however, he has no idea, but is using the same metrics as he doesn't know what else to do.  So sounds like they admitted the same # as last year.  If this is true accross the board, wherever your first choice is, if you haven't been rejected yet I'd keep up hope a bit longer.

As far as the open house went, I was very very impressed.  I was expecting to give Fordham the once-over and then trot on down to W&L next Fall.  But Fordham was so great.  The building is huge and nice.  The event intself was well coordinated, slightly fancy and smoothly administrated.

The moot courtroom is big and cool, the alumni are impressive and the adjunct faculty are leaders in teir fields, as are the full-time faculty.  The clinical programs are just awesome, as are the international opportunities (which I am interested in).  There are clubs of every sort, lots of interesting journals, and lots of room in the library.  The students are so diverse, of every age race and background that no two people were the same.  I like that a lot and feel I could really fit in there.  The cafeteria, though reputed to be too expensive w/ terrible food, is cute and was buzzing with students.  There's a nice patio outside too which looked like an inviting place to study.

The administration were no nonsense, and seemed able to get things done for you with no huge hastle.  Job prospects are great and everyone raved about the career development center.  Also, classes are "semesterized", meaning that you'll have all your, say, torts classes 1st semester and a final exam in Dec for that, then your, say, Contracts classes in the spring.  Thus, final exams in May dont cover work you did way back in September.  They just went over to this system this year and it seems to be working out well.  (Legal writing class goes over both semesters though.)

The only holdback for me is that its expensive - the dean said that if you haven't rec'd a merit offer already, the money is already gone, again wait and see what the yeild is like and some $ might open up but dont count on it.  and New York is an expensive place to live.

The location is awesome, a couple blocks to central park and right accross from the Lincoln Center.  I'd suggest going over there after work or on a lunch break or something and taking a look, it's very cool.

In short, as a big school it offers things that a small school simply cant, and its location in NYC also adds opportunities that Lexington, Va does not.

So I think I'll be biting the big bullet and accepting at Fordham, taking out the massive loans and being greatful.

(That is, unless Va or Mich come through off the waitlist or Texas gets its act together and offers admission to lil ol me.)

Peace all, and good luck.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Deferred at Fordham
« on: March 29, 2006, 01:11:14 PM »
At the open house today the asst dean for admissions said they are still reviewing applications, but have filled their class and they are putting people on the waitlist who otherwise would be in the top 25% of the admitted class.  He was open about the fact that admissions people were upset, as they kept coming to him w/ applications from candidates who were great, but he has no room for them.

It sounded like the waitlist was pretty full also.  It also sounded like they will maybe review after the April 15 deposit date, but it really didnt sound like there was much hope for those who have not yet been admitted. :(

I've heard this same lament from admissions folks at all the open houses for admits that I've been to.  No one knows how to predict yield this year, so everyone's worried that too many of the admitted candidates will choose to attend, which would make a class too big for the school to handle.  On the other hand, everyone has multiple acceptances to excellent schools, so the yield could be really low, which would drop the rankings.  I guess its wait and see.  I personally think I will take my Fordham PT acceptance, and be greatful, as the school really impressed me.  I'll keep my WL spots at Michigan and UVA, though, just in case those schools also misestimated their yeild and dig deep into the waitlist.  My only regret is that I loved the student body at W&L and will be sad not to see them this fall.

Thanks, Lenny.  I'll do that.

I heard from many many students that Lexington was a great place for a family, and I can believe it would be so fun for my boys.  But I'm feeling like I'm making the hard sell on the homefront here, and I don't want to drag my men away from NYC and have them be miserable in the mountains while I party with my new friends, that's not what I'm looking for.

Aaaahhh this is so hard!  I've given myself till Thursday to decide.  I'll see what Fordham is like tomorrow.

Anyone else?

I wish I could take all the admits I met last weekend (and also the W&L student body) with me to whichever school I pick!  You guys all really are rockstars.

so helpful


Heya.  I'm signed up for this Fordham admit day this week.  Is anyone else going? 

The confirmation said it was at 8:30 am.  Did anyone get more of a schedule than that?  Is it an all-day thing, or just hte morning? (It would be nice to know if I'm going to make it into the office on Wed or not...)

Thanks all!!

Yes, it was one big party.  And I loved it. AND I loved all of the admits too. Butttt....  I have to say I'm feeling a little morning-after-ish now. I so do not want to spend 3 years drinking.  (OTOH, it WAS the weekend, not a tuesday, and the school is really solid, the kids are smart and really do seem to work hard.)

I also wish I had met even one older student, or someone w/ a family, so I could tell what that would be like.  I'm sure the kids would ADORE Lexington, but I didn't get a chance to confirm that (or really talk with anyone over 25).

Ohman, I was 98% certain I was a W&L girl al the way, but now I'm doubting.  Anyone else?

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