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I'll bite:  3.63UGPA (large state school with solid reputation, honors program phi beta kappa, and other vaious awards) 163 (158 + 168)  expect to add addendum covering difference in LSAT scores.  Strong LR and ECs. Very involved with 2 volunteer organizations.  Have no idea what my PS will be about yet.

As for my list:

Stetson, UMiami, Memphis, Louisville, Catholic

Indiana, Emory, Tulane, LSU, Houston, UGA


and if i find some money to blow i too will be sending in my contribution to ND along with BC, BU

Out of curiosity have you visited Vandy?  I thought I would love the school, but after my visit I wouldn't dream of going there...same with Wake Forest.  I know others who had the opposite reaction.  But I really believe that Vandy is a school you either love or hate and that must be investigated by the applicant.

I disagree with d1337.  I think your target schools are almost all reaches.  You have anywhere from a 27%-45% chance at those you listed .  However, schools such as Vandy and ND love extracurriculars, a history of significant volunteerism, and strong PS aimed at their school.  So perhaps they should rightly be on your target list due to your UG institution reputation, ecs, we, volunteer, LR, etc..  If I were you, I would add a few more realistic targets to my list: UGA, Emory, IU-B, Illinois, Wake Forest etc. Your reaches are just that reaches. Will you get in? Probably not, but atleast you'll know for sure.  Good Luck. 

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