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Geddon-  If you want to work in the Bay Area and DC (perhaps Chicago) why would you ED to Vandy?  Also, I think ED to Vandy, may make it more likely that you'll get rejected or decision deferred until VULS has a better picture of the applicant pool and their class composition

alright, I'll bite:

Vanderbilt- ED
George Washington

George Mason

U of Arizona

Am interested in practicing in Bay Area, DC, or Chicago (maybe).

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Stetson Peeps-
« on: August 17, 2005, 08:04:58 PM »
i'd really love to hear what you think of stetson.

Alan, I know several friends from UK that attend or are attending T14.  Granted they were fellow honors students: singletary and presidential scholars, truman and marshall award winners but it can be done.  Yet I still find your gpa suspect unless you are architecture student and that school is rife with grade inflation as UK ungergrad does not do +/-.   Unless you want to spend some more time in Lexington, I'd broaden the target list. 

Okay, my turn

University of Kentucky (home state)

U Mich
U Va

Super Long Reach (dream schools):

okay...what's the verdict?

Studying for the LSAT / Re: Kaplan BS
« on: August 17, 2005, 07:03:59 PM »
alan- since when has UK gone to the +/- system?  they dropped the +/- in fall 98 after trying it from 96-98 or 91-98 in some programs.. i suppose if you were in architecture the undergrad program may still use it there...otherwise  i believe only the law school, and arch, pharm med use +/-. 

Law School Admissions / Re: Applying Early
« on: August 17, 2005, 06:44:10 PM »
get your apps in before 10/25 and you'll be fine.. being one of the first (especially EA/ED) if you are an automatic anyway... if you're of the 50th percentile or lower it would absolutely kill you to EA/ED at a school, you're best bet is to just send the app in sometime before thanksgiving break and hope things break your way.


Wake Forest was just a disaster of a visit.  I had called ahead and scheduled a visit.  On the day I was to tour and meet with Mrs. Gibbs, i was given a polite brush off and asked to return later so we could actually talk.  The tour was just that a tour it seemed neither my tour guide nor the students i talked to genuinely enjoyed the social aspects of the law school.  As for my postponed meeting with Mrs Gibbs, I just never gave it much of a shot I suppose.  After discussing my two lsat scores and a review of my SAT score and academic career she decided I fit what WF, but she seemed to not care if i thought WF fit me.  When we discussed my concerns she started off with well with the two scores you wont get in at Duke or UNC, then proceeded to tell me how WFU compared with UNC, Duke.  It was just a strange visit and has forever altered the way I view WFU.  On the same two week trip I visited UGA, Emory, Vandy, UT, UNC, Duke,  Wake Forest was by far the worst in my opinion.
As for Vandy, I can't put it into words.  The administration was extremely nice and very helpful.  I continue to get updates on the upcoming application cycle.  I liked the fact the administration didn't play games.  We discussed the problems with a candidate such as myself and how applying early would not help my cause, if anything it would hurt as I would be average applicant so applying with the bulk of candidates would help me.  Ultimately, I walked away feeling if I applied I would have a 60% shot at being accepted.  But what I couldn't escape was the feeling that Vandy wasn't the school for me  The campus is fine, the facilities are nice... but the atmosphere and the student body.   I couldn't imagine staying there for 3 years.  I have friends who love it there, I know others who left after 1L.  I think it all depends on the individual person. 

so for me I hope UGA, IU, UNC will take me.  The problem will arise if for some strange reason emory gives me money... then i would have no idea what to do.  But oh to have that dilemna (as unlikely as it is)!

I agree mainly a tie-breaker. However, I know of one classmate who should have been a lock at UVA (brother, grandfather both graduated there) GPA and LSAT were in the 75th percentile.  However, he asked one of the most brilliant, fair-minded and well crazy professors on our campus.  This professor has been known to write extraordinary letters but he has a policy of no-previews.  So basically only the really confident should ask.  To make a long story short, the prof. wrote a scathing letter about his grades were not indicative of his lack of intellectual curiosity and on and on.  So, the moral of the story is to ask only those who you KNOW will write you a favorable letter.

how can you call yourself roman catholic when pro-choice.. but then i guess that is what happens with cafeteria style american roman catholics. 

As far as iowa goes-where do you want to work after graduation?  Iowa has a solid rep in midwest and top graduates can fare well in the chicago job market, but it is a regional school.  Even with the name dropping reference letters you won't be accepted to Duke or Chicago.

I'll bite:  3.63UGPA (large state school with solid reputation, honors program phi beta kappa, and other vaious awards) 163 (158 + 168)  expect to add addendum covering difference in LSAT scores.  Strong LR and ECs. Very involved with 2 volunteer organizations.  Have no idea what my PS will be about yet.

As for my list:

Stetson, UMiami, Memphis, Louisville, Catholic

Indiana, Emory, Tulane, LSU, Houston, UGA


and if i find some money to blow i too will be sending in my contribution to ND along with BC, BU

Out of curiosity have you visited Vandy?  I thought I would love the school, but after my visit I wouldn't dream of going there...same with Wake Forest.  I know others who had the opposite reaction.  But I really believe that Vandy is a school you either love or hate and that must be investigated by the applicant.

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