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I understand the need for them to omit particular points, but this is ridiculous.  It was like someone cut and pasted from the case, and did not match the pieces up.  Part one of a paragraph would be on one page and left dangling midsentence, then a few other paragraphs, and then the rest of that first paragraph would be dumped in the middle of the reading.  I literally cut the page up into pieces and tried to put it back together in the correct order (so it would actually make sense).  This is just stupid! 

Current Law Students / First homework assignment...hide the ball?!?!?
« on: August 18, 2005, 05:49:23 PM »
Today was the first official day of classes.  We only had legal writing.  The assignment given to us seemed simple enough: read a case, state the rule, where the rule comes from and what it means.  I get to the case and it is a MESS.  This is not my first time reading a case (I did a summer program at another school to prep), so it's not just reader incompetence.  It literally was a cut and paste mess.  I would be in the middle of one paragraph and it would abruptly stop and start with something else entirely.  I would continue reading and what do you know?  There's the rest of the paragraph that got cut off.  It didn't happen just once, but multiple times.  What the f***?  How am I supposed to complete an assignment when I can't even piece together the frickin case? 

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