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Current Law Students / Re: Sage advice for soon to be 1L's
« on: May 30, 2005, 10:10:40 PM »
I just graduated last week, and am now in the hell known as bar prep. I can't help but throw in my two cents for all you soon-to-be 1Ls:
1. Start preparing for your finals the first day of school. Seriously. finals are everything, and most first years (including myself) spend more time worried about looking like a fool in class. You will look like a fool in class at some point, learn to enjoy laughing at yourself. The perfect case brief may give you the appearance of a superstar in a class discussion, it won't necessarily prep you for the final. Get old exams if possible, work on IRAC, start outlining!
2. Take the LEEWS class. Look it up online. I did it first year, and it was worth every penny. They guarantee if you take the one day seminar you will get As and Bs on your finals. It worked for me. It was one of the most valuable things I did as a law student. Everyone will learn the law, not everyone will learn how to take an essay exam. This class will give you a leg up.
3. Don't take all of your class notes on a laptop. If you hand write your notes, you then have to type them in. It forces you to review, to create more concise statements of black letter law, and better organize for outlining purposes. Plus you get the added benefit of working out those hand muscles, which have to be in top shape for the hours of writing on the bar.
Law school is a marathon, don't get too caught up in the rat race aspect. Try to enjoy the law in between the drudgery!

Current Law Students / Re: Is PMBR necessary????
« on: May 30, 2005, 09:56:53 PM »
i just took the 6 day course last week and found it very worthwhile. My friend who passed the february bar took PMBR and said their practice questions are much better than BARBRI's. And she scored in the 100th percentile on the multistate, so i'm definetly following her lead. I feel way ahead of the game now after the 6 day. I already feel like it was worth the money.

Cleveland State / Re: 1L - C-M
« on: May 30, 2005, 08:54:45 PM »
I just graduated (last week!). I was a night student. Here's my quick summary on CM: don't buy into all the hype on tiers. Especially if you want to stay in cleveland, CM is far more economical than Case, and you will get a solid legal education.  I've got a great job lined up at a large firm. (Now I just have to pass the bar...). I'm glad I went to CM, I'm glad I did it part time. Though like every school there are some profs to avoid and such, my overall experience was incredibly positive. When I clerked, I was completely on the level with the clerks from other schools (CWRU and Ivies among them).  Some people will never get beyond the inferiority complex caused by U.S. News rankings and the arrogance of some people who think if you don't go to Harvard, you aren't a good lawyer. Don't buy into it. CM produces great lawyers. If you look at the entire judiciary and business community in cleveland/cuyahoga county, you'll see how many of our grads have gone on to good things.
There is no great advice on how to balance life with law school. I worked full time at a professional job while attending school, and it was brutal at times. Always keep in mind that this is just school. Getting a C isn't the end of the world. Not everyone winds up at a big firm, yet they still have great careers and make good money.  Not all great lawyers were on law review. That being said, try to make law review. If your grades aren't top 10%, try to write on (you'll learn all about this stuff first year).  Try to make moot court. Take chances. Talk to profs.
The whole thing is a marathon, but you will make it through.

i just graduated. here's my rundown on the top and bottom of the professor heap. unfortunately you can't pick your 1L profs.  that said...
the top: Professor Inniss, especially if she's teaching a bar topic course. I had her for property, and now that I'm studying for the bar I realize how well she prepared us.  Sundahl is pretty new, but excellent when it comes to commercial and secured transactions -- incredibly smart, challenging and keeps class interesting. You'll work hard, but it is worth it.  Mickey Davis is a genius, I had him for Torts and Copyright. The key with him is don't miss a class, and write down the rules exactly like he says them. He is by far the most entertaining prof you'll come across, and I feel so ready for torts on the bar because of his teaching methods. O'Neill is the nicest guy in the school, and a great prof. Only caveat is that he doesn't beat up on you in class, so self motivation is key.
Those were my favorites. I had others, all with strengths and weaknesses, but for the most part all were solid enough. Garlock and Ruben are both incredibly smart and challenging, but the workload is heavy. Ruben is really old school and can terrify you at times, but he really knows corporations.
The one to avoid at all costs: Professor Cherry. You could wind up with her for property, i had her for one semester. Terrible. Even if you get her for property DO NOT take her for Estates and Trusts. These are bar classes, and she teaches nothing.
Good luck at CM, I had a great time, it was hard, but I made it and came out with a great job. It may not be a Tier 1 school, but I feel like I got a top notch education.  Now, back to bar studying... 

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