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Wait List / Re: Washington University in St. Louis WL
« on: August 09, 2004, 11:49:43 PM »
I haven't received the latest WUSTL email that you guys are talking about.  However, I've given up hope with wash u.  Hopefully I'll do well this year, and will be able to transfer to a better school next yr. 

Remember Dean Bolin said that WUSTL would accept us as transfer students if we are in top 1/3 of the class?  Doesn't this sound too good to be true?  I thought most top 30 schools require the ranking to be top 15% for transfer applicants?  any thoughts?

class picture?  I sent Villanova a picture from 5yrs ago.  I guess that will be my class picture.

        I arrived at my new place safely yesterday.  I had to grab a random person to help me move my mattress and the couch, but I moved everything else by myself.  I was actually surprised by my stamina because I wasn't really tired after all that driving and moving.  Maybe it was the proten bar I had for lunch that gave me extra energy?

I'm actually at the law school library writing emails.  It's pretty nice, and I'm looking forward to spending time here. ugh...

Alright, I'm moving to Radnor House condos tomorrow (wednesday), and still haven't found moving help.  I'm paying $25 per hour for whoever's gonna help me move my stuff. If you know people in the area who are bored and want to make extra cash, spread the word have them call me.  My cell # is 434-409-6213, and I'll be arriving sometime between 1 and 2pm.  Otherwise, I'll try to hire random people off the street. 

ok, after dealing with a horrendous realtor at the radnor house, it's now between the radwyn apts and home properties of devon. it's only a mile further from the school than the radwyn and the devon apts seem like they're laid out a little better.. Did anyone else see the HP of Devon?

I loved Radnor Crossing, but thought it was a bit expensive.

HP of Devon was pertty nice, but I thought it was a bit far from Villanova.  20+minute drive... I also looked at Plymouth park apartments, which was closer to Villanova.  They had a special deal (10% off the regular rental price) when I looked at it, but I don't know if they still have it.  it might worth giving them a call.

I'm moving into Radnor house condos tomorrow.  I'm sorry to hear about the bad realtor, but my landlord seems to be very nice and helpful. 

does anyone know the average age of 1L at villanova?  I have a feeling that I'll be too old(26) for the crowd, jumping in the game a little late.  I even see a few signs of aging (gray hair, falling asleep after 11pm). haha :)

also any idea on how many students there are in each class?

I know we covered this somewhat, but for those of you getting laptops, what are you getting?  I'm b/w a HP and IBM, but I don't really knwo if it's worth a few hundred $ more just to pay for the IBM name (and on-site repair service of course).

You shouldn't spend too much $ on a laptop if you just wanna use it for word processing or web browsing.  IBM supposedly makes the best laptops.  Vaios are very nice too, but usually their battery life sucks.  I know nothing about HP.  I'm actually happy with my 2-yr old Dell laptop.  It's kinda slow (P4 1.6GHZ), but it's fast enough for what I'll need in law school. 

Are your parents helping you move?  I'm sure once you get to the building there will be people around and you can use your feminine charm to get a couple guys to help you out. ;)

haha, my feminine charm?  I hope I don't have it.  I don't know how I got the nickname june bug, but I'm a guy.  (actually magic johnson's childhood nickname was june bug as well.)

my parents live in Korea.  my dad offered to fly over here and help me move, but I waived him away.  no need to waste 1300 bucks for the plane ticket just to help his son move.  I'll probably just grab random people off the street to help me.

how are you guys moving your stuff?  I have friends here who can help me load to a truck, but I have none who can help unload once I get there.  it seems that most movers are booked for that day.  any suggestions?


Yeah, carpet in Radwyn was a major plus.  Maybe I'll convince my dad to let me bring the grill for my deck...

one thing I don't like about radnor house condos is no balcony/deck.  so I'll have to settle with a Foreman grill

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