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This is a little peculiar, I realize but bear with me.  The message above was originally posted on another board.  This one, actually:

It was posted by me.  This lafemme individual (who is not me, naturally) then saw fit to modify it (removing any reference to the other board) and post it here.  Why did this guy (feminine name, I suppose but no way would any woman be this obnoxious) do this?  Who knows.  But he also did it with another message of mine.  The original can be found here:,1590.0.html

And he posted his altered version on some site here:

Look...Im flattered that you think my messages are so great you have to spam them all across this Information Superhighway of ours.  But knock it off.  Intellectual property and all that.  Apparently this school has really done something to irritate you.  Thats perfectly understandable.  Its an attrocious school and I stand by the two posts I wrote (that you then copied and pasted all over creation). 

So rather than repeating my posts, write about your own bad experiences with the school.  By posting my messages all over it just looks like theres some lunatic out there pasting his worthless opinions to anybody who will read.  And the message loses all credibility.

This really isnt what I do.  Very rarely do I feel the need to enlighten people about this god-awful school.  And certainly I dont spam my messages to every board I can think of.  You should realy make better use of your time. 

I assume you went to the school and were less than pleased so just f-ing write about it.  Need some kind of help or advice, I can be of assistance. 

I mean, its not a huge deal but if you do insist on spamming my messages all over at least dont butcher them.   And pay attention to format.  Keep the profanity in and remember that theres a double space between paragraphs...

Roger Williams / Re: Scam law school
« on: May 10, 2005, 12:38:03 AM »
Might sound made up, but honest to @#!* I typed "scam law school" into Google dot com hoping to find information about Roger Williams and sure enough...this thread was one of three results.  I too wish that "RWU1L" would have elaborated on his statement (or at least proofread) but oh well.  There used to be a few gems on this board about RWU but apparently they purge the messages every year or so.  Sad, really.  They should at least make an archive available of old messages.  Cheap bastards.

But yeah, Roger Williams is a definite scam.  If you have $30,000 burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to enroll.  Chances are terribly low that youre going to graduate.  They clearly pull the same crap that Cooley does -- accept a lot of students knowing full well that a large percent of them will not complete the first year.  Its hard wired into the system there that a large number of students CANT finish the first year. 

Just one of many scams that that place is running.  If you didnt get in anywhere else and youre a high stakes gambler, perhaps give it a go.  Otherwise forget it.  Actually, even if it is the only place you get in (other than Cooley, of course which should also be avoided) Id recommend re-evalutating your options.  There are other things to do.  But if you really want to go to law school, just get a job in a law firm or something and re-apply to legitamate schools next year.

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