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Dear future LSU law students, I need your advice with my dilemna, here's the deal:

I've been admitted into the Michigan State University College of Law conditionally based on my completion of a special summer program for borderline applicants. After I complete this summer program, then I'll have the chance to take the same classes with the rest of my class...However, here is my dilemna:

I've also just been admitted into LSU Law, and I was offered a full ride scholarship into LSU, although Michigan State offered nothing. LSU ranks slightly higher in the rankings than does MSU Law, however, I went to MSU as an undergrad, plus my family still lives in Michigan. To add more complexity to the whole story, I was also offered a full-tuition scholarship to MSU's MBA program(I want to pursue a JD-MBA). Based on all this, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Please help as I have just 48 hours before the seat deposit deadline to decide!!!


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