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Florida Coastal / Re: Chat about Coastal
« on: April 23, 2005, 01:47:18 PM »
   I cannot say too many good things about Jacksonville and FCSL.  Of course, FCSL is no Harvard, but Y'll know that coming in (I am practicing my Y'll).  The school is very student orientated.  Teacher evaluations count for quite a bit.  I am a 1L and I have already learned all kinds of law. yada yada yada. 
   As for the city, I love it.  I moved down from Michigan and have been completely happy with everything except the sports.  These fans cannot compare to Detroit fans.  I can't reccomend enough that everyone should live by the beach.  If you live west of the intercoastal "the ditch" you are in anytown USA.  My roomate and I pay $450/m including water.  Power is about $25/m.  THis is less than all my friends who listened to the school and did not live by the beach.  My commute is only 25-30 on morning and evening rush.  (A.M. morning show 104.5 especially on Fri "DBF"--> you will find out).  Neptune beach is great, it is very quiet (I am the loudest in my neighborhood), I am a block and a half from my private beach (there is no public parking for a mile in either direction)and everybody is so nice (All my gas station people, store clercks and bartenders are all on first name basis with almost everybody).  This is a great place to live.  If you are looking out here, contact me if you would like.  Two of my neighbors are moving in July and that opens up the downstairs of my place (2bd)(450x2) and the (1bd)(500) across the courtyard behind me.
   Next up, crime...what crime?  I have seen one instance of violent crime and that was over the superbowl, downtown at around 2am.  In fact, it was the victims own fault (drunk and mouthing off).  I have not lived in a safer place in recent memory.  Locking cars and appts. is completely optional.  I have never had a problem.  Even downtown, I have walked around dressed nicely with guys and/or girls and have always felt completely safe.  They  don't even have fights in bars here.  i have been a bit of a rockstar since I have been down here and I have witnessed zero fights.  I was bartending outside of Detroit and if we did not have a fight over the whole weekend I marked my calandar.  Basically, if you have a good head on your shoulders, there is no crime.
   I recomend this place to everybody, contact me if you would like.


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