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Even better news...i got a 95 on my property exam!!! The highest in my class!! that averaged with my crappy grades = D for diploma!!!!

Ok....drum roll....Please consider that i spent my whole semester at the beach and screwing around. I skipped half of my contracts classes and only ready half the assignments. I scored a 72. The curve was a 76. A lot of people failed. Can we all say D for diploma!!!?? Im just glad i passed.

Im sitting here with my exam blue book in front of me in Contracts. I'm terrified to open it in the middle of class. I'm terrified to open it after class. Should I have my roommate look at it for me. Im having heart palpitations. HELP!!

I dont go to California Western. The "reconsidering if law is right for me" comment is moot. As mentioned previously, I spent four years doing child abuse investigations for the state of new york after i graduated from college. I have thought this through thorougly and i know i want to be here. my issue is controlling my adult attention deficit issues and buckling down. i did return to school today and im ready to turn things around. I havent gotten any grades yet.


The only grades i have so far are for LRW.It is a one year course at my school. the fall semester's grades were a 90 (5%), 88(5%), 84 (5%), and the 70 (20%). So, the course is half over. I dont have any of my other grades yet. The only two finals i took were criminal law and torts. All the rest were midterms. Thanks again!!

At least there is hope then. Im scared to death. Maybe this is what i needed. Thanks, LawGirl!!


you said you have seen many people do what i did...what became of them? did they pull it off or fall on their faces?

im not bragging. i just wanted to illustrate that im not a COMPLETE idiot by getting a D in an LRW class. Im also wondering it it is POSSIBLE to get through law school doing little work. you always hear about people spending a bazillion hours in the library, but you dont hear much from the people who dont do that. Maybe its b/c they dont make it :-)!!The fact that i did no work in college isnt relevant to my problem now. law school is a different beast. I;m no super gifted genius. if i was, i wouldnt be worried about failing out. anyway, as far as law school being the right place for me, im sure about that. i worked for four years as an investigator in NY and through that I decided i wanted to go to law school. i has always wanted to go, but i wanted to spend a few years doing child abuse investigations. i guess i just thought i could live it up and have fun while in law school. i underestimated the rigor.

You are absolutely right...this is all my fault. I just hope it isnt too late. The thought of dropping out makes me sick to my stomach. Thanks for your comment.

At my law school, the cut off is a 70 average which is considered a D. During the fall semester, I was having "too much fun" being away from home and in a different state. My days were filled with car rides to the beach and malls. I figured since I breezed through a T1 undergrade with three major and honors, law school would be easy. Well, while the material is easy (except for future interests in Property :-)), the testing is brutal (which im sure you can all relate to). The last three weeks, I pulled myself together and thought i understood what i needed for my exams. I took the exams and the grades are still pending. however, in the interim i received my LRW paper back (which is worth 20% of my final grade) and it was a 70!! I did wait until the last few days to do the paper and just wanted to get it over with. I feel like a failure and a loser. My other three grades were 90, 86, and 84. I was shocked to get a D. My dreams of being a sucessful criminal attorney have been replaced with thoughts of a menial job. I  have obviously underestimated the rigor of LS. I feel like SH$T and have no motivation to return back to school. Additionally, i am TERRIFIED to get the rest of my grades. ANTWAN offered some very good advice in a previous post.  Im looking for some advice or encouragement. THIS SUCKS!!!!

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