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WTF! This is my thread! If you wanna get at each other, make your own thread.

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You are going to spend the next three years of your life at this schooland a minimum of $75K and you don't want to spend $500 to see the place first??  Makes me wonder......

You go to hell... YOU GO TO HELL 'N DIE!!!

Current Law Students / Re: Planet Law School II Preparation Schedule
« on: June 17, 2005, 07:57:45 AM »
I'm already well into the E&E series books on Contract, Property, Civ Pro, etc. I am so glad that i followed PLS2 advice. I think that if i do this the right way over the summer, i will have less stress during my first semester. I don't expect to know everything just from summer prep, but i won't be bombarded with everything at once when i start school. To the OP, i say go for it. I've already done two of the briefs from Delaney's Legal Reasoning book, and i can already see where i've gone wrong, which will help me know the right way to do it.

Good luck

Dammit, didn't i already say i was gonna try it. No more suggestions are necessary thank you  very much.

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Current Law Students / Re: Seat deposit returned
« on: June 16, 2005, 03:48:51 PM »
I concur, you should just move on. It was your decision to send in the deposit, and most ppl know that those deposits are non-refundable, at least the majority of it. No use in crying about it now. Just be glad you're going to a better school and move on.

Current Law Students / Re: Starting to get scared
« on: June 13, 2005, 09:11:14 PM »
Oh yeah, so as not to ignore the OP, everyone else gave good advice. Talk to people and see what your heart tells you.

Current Law Students / Re: Starting to get scared
« on: June 13, 2005, 09:10:09 PM »
I suppose it is a good time to re-evaluate the reasons for law school, the bar exam, and 'lawyering.'

First consider that there is in the proximity of 750,000, or more, lawyers currently practicing in the US. That number does not include law school grads who haven't been admitted to the Bar and lawyers who do not have an active license to practice.

Why would I consider all of that debt for an education? Does the US really need more lawyers?
It is a scary thought, since people, including lawyers, are retiring at a later age--hence the number of lawyers is likely to increase at a faster rate.

Perhaps the US doesn't need more lawyers; it seems some law firms are too busy and others not busy enough. But,the constantly changing society requires new things .Perhaps the US needs a different type of lawyer.

Jesus H. Christ...

Having read everyone's thoughts on this, three things come to mind.

3. How can you not know if there are lockers? Did you not visit the school? I visited 5 schools, had a tour at each one, and was shown lockers on all 5 tours. I can't imagine deciding on a school without even visiting first.
Hmmm...maybe the reason i did not visit the school is because it is IN CALIFORNIA AND I AM IN NYC!!!. Not everyone has a gazillion dollars to go anywhere they please and at anytime. GEEEZ.   

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I refuse to have a dorky rolling backpack. No offense to anyone with one already, but that is something i will never have.

Trying to win the law school fashion award?  Writing off something functional because it isn't aesthicially pleasing is probably not a good mindset to have right before starting law school.  Your focus should be on making your life as easy as possible.  Besides, I have a hard time believing that people would give someone a hard time in law school because of their backpack.
I don't care what anyone will say about the rolling backpack. I think it is dorky. And it isn't that functional to me. I've seen people at school with them and they are always tipping over on the side when you are walking with it. It looks annoying to me. So what is functional to you may not be to me and i'd thank you to remember that.

I'm Rick James female dog!

I started reading Delaney's Learning Legal Reasoning this week and i think it is great. I also started with The Civ Pro, Torts, Crim. Law, and Contracts books that PLS2 recommends. I actually thought that it would be a lot harder to get into them, but the books are so easy to understand that i think i will be fine with them. I am waiting for the rest of the books to come in, but i will be buying the LEEWS a little later on.

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